Confused Feminist


almost too funny for words


I’ll bet if the driver was a woman this “confused feminist” probably would have had a full meltdown.


she’s dumber than a sack of hammers…


just remember a sack hammers could be considered useful


Exactly. Let’s not insult the hammers since they have usefulness.


I posted this article already, but I agree. This lady has shown everybody what real racism looks like.


As a free thinking independent woman, this really pisses me off. Like WTF are you fighting for? What right don’t you have? What is the current administration not supporting that you should have as a woman? This world works the same for men as it does women. You’ve still got to work hard to get where you want. They don’t just hand you stuff cuz you have a vagina. Yes, there’s women who have been victims, hell I have myself. Do you wallow in that, trying to get attention because someone slapped your ass or said something inappropriate, or treated you as inferior to them because you’re female? Or do you just take their job? I choose the latter. The same goes for race. Just like there’s women who live to be victims, there are blacks, Muslims, etc, etc doing so, too. But I know plenty of women, black people, muslims, who rise above all that and try to make something of themselves. But those people are stupid cuz they don’t value the victims route and prefer hard work instead? Bitch, go to hell!


thank god I didn’t mention cooking or fetching beer :sweat:


Sorry, no much lights my fuse faster than a feminist.


These are the people I’m most proud of. Those are the people I want to associate with. They are winners in life because they earn what they work for. Playing the victim card was old in the 90’s and it is old now. That “victim card” playing is really stale–but unfortunately resonates with the really young and the millennial scourge.


Don’t get me started… I believe in personal responsibility All these people just have to blame everyone but themselves for all their problems. No accountability.