Congratulations and three cheers to @full30nick for reloading the forums!


Having support from above means a lot to us.


Oh I thought it meant we needed to reload all of our firearms again! Whoops!!! <-- Poor attempt at humor.


I actually just finished cleaning my EDC and made an adjustment to my holster to make sure the weapon is very tight. I hate loose weapons.


That’s what she said.

Again, poor attempt at humor.


Well, if it helps, I did give it a little chuckle.


Yes, it did. Having a rotten week so far. :angry:

But not as bad as you so I should suck it up!


Life is what we make of it. When life gives me lemons, I smash them back in their face and laugh.


I hear ya. I’m powering through it. Notice my aforementioned poor attempts at humor. Haha!


I’m here for ya. Sometimes it’s hard to get through the day with a smile.