Congressman Matt Gaetz. tweets video of refugee's being paid



What are the odds of the democrats gaining majority in the house?



that is what is being so hotly debated!

depending on who you talk to, you get a different answer.

my guess is that it is 50% - would help explain the differing viewpoints all sounding plausible.


I hope they don’t but from what I’ve seen and heard it happens alot in a mid term. This time may be a little different though. I think people are fed up , especially middle age men like myself and hopefully women with male children who will have to grow up and apply for jobs in the PC environment.


Based on history, the midterms usually result in losses for the sitting President. However, it’s hard to predict this time. Our political culture has significantly changed, so predictions based on past results are less relevant these days. We’ll see.



Still early. Hope it’s BS. Hillary was projected to win in a landslide after all, but still… we need to get out and vote.