Connecticut is now attacking firearms

Well we can now add Connecticut to the list that are attacking firearms and ammo manufacturing and their finances.


So now the treasurer and the banks will decide policy for the State of Connecticut? I say the firearms manufacturers (not sure which ones they have there) need to send a message right back and leave that state.


They are doing everything in their power to eventually take our rights. if they remove Trump from office and a democrap gets in there, you can bet we are in for a fight.


Since this was aimed at ammo manufacturing specifically, I think that those manufacturers should make sure that none of their products are sold to any LE agency within the state of Connecticut. I also think that it’s time that firearm and ammo manufacturers start uniting in order to refuse doing business with any LE agency within a state that enforces this type of discrimination against legally owned and operated businesses. And Citibank can stick it up their sewer hole.


That’s a damn fine idea


“Wooden’s plan calls for the divestment of $30 million in equity investments in five companies that manufacture ammunition for the civilian market. The move is largely symbolic: those investments make up a tiny fraction of the $37 billion in public pension funds overseen by Wooden.”

Why does a state hold stocks in any company? How can a state have property? And who appoints an individual to buy and sell at their whim? CONnecticut is just that, a sociocommunist state. If this is “owned” by the state then it belongs to the people of CT and they should and do have a right to vote on this issue and have their voices heard.
How about this off a local property tax bill:

“The Town of ******* does not have an approved budget for FY 2019-2020. ONCE THE BUDGET IS APPROVED, THE TOWN WILL SEND OUT AN ADDITIONAL BILL DUE IN JANUARY 2020.” This is a quote directly off a tax bill. So they bill you now and then decide later on they want more money so they bill you again on taxes you already paid!
SCREW CONecticut


It’s hard to believe the northeastern states was where our fight to reject tyranny began.


If they remove Trump from office I fear that the adage “2nd Amendment use it, or lose it.” will take on a whole new significance. One that I dread and that I hope to never see come to pass. But it is what it is and that is a sad thing for this nation and the world.

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