Consequences of loading your own


I’ve shared this on the forum before, but I will share again. This squib happened to me. Luckily, I immediately realized what happened and didn’t fire another round. It was my first reloading failure after 20,000+ revolver loads.


Squibs are easier to identify in a revolver. In my situation, the round produced a faint popping sound instead of the usual bang, so it was easy to identify.

However, a semi-auto may not produce any detectable noise…you just get a click with no bang. Then, your instinct is to chamber another round and continue firing, which is what happened in the Glock video.

If you ever get a click with no bang and an empty case is removed…STOP!


If you are really about safety and you have plenty of time to kill. You can weigh each loaded cartridge or give it the good ole shake test.


This is why is why i stopped loading for handgun. Too many things can go wrong. I am an overly cautious person, but still. Now i only do bolt gun. hope to never get a squib.