Contact Senate to Reject Anti-Gun Nominee

A story appeared in The Blaze today regarding Trump’s nominee for the Department of Defense’s assistant secretary for health affairs. In the hearing, Dr. Dean Winslow said no civilian should be allowed to own a semi-automatic rifle. This is not someone one we want in any governmental position or with any authority or power.

I wrote my senators the following message. You can cut and paste if you like. You can email your senators at this link.

Dr. Dean Winslow is currently under Senate review for the Department of Defense’s position of assistant secretary for health affairs. His comments to Congress stating that all semi-automatic rifles being made illegal for civilians is outrageous. This is not a man we want in any position of authority or power. Please advise your fellow senators to reject him for the position of assistant secretary for health affairs for the Department of Defense.

Thank you


Sonny’s discharges are like being out on the town celebrating a big job promotion, buying a round of drinks for the bar, when all of a sudden you notice a couple of the patrons happen to be your ex wife and the divorce attorney she’s banging, both of whom approach you to engage in a lengthy conversation about alimony payments. :roll_eyes:

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Yes, lots of dust on this time sensitive post.

Bringing this back has to be a joke that I don’t understand, or totally impersonal like a morning wake up alarm.

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It seems just about everyone in government has problems with private citizens having weapons.
Maybe they know something we don’t.

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