Content providers - your video appearance in links


Adding a channel thumbnail will make your link appearance better across the web



And make sure you select the thumbnail you want for your trailer


A few reminders-






If you’ve done this let me know I can refresh the Member Approved Channels list, any other post you made you can edit/refresh

Boomstick tactical vids!

Thanks. That has been driving me nuts and I was wondering what the checkbox was.


ok I think I did it right and have one selected??


All good!


Yes !! I’m almost a pro now haha Thank you guys for helping walk us thru everything!




You both still need to follow the tips above to have your link appearance improved, this is web wide not just here…


Sorry, I’ll get on it…


Done it. I’ll do a better one at some point!


Looks 50% better!

Replace it with a hottie and you’ll get 100% :grin:


Once the stuff I did with Britishmuzzleloaders is up there’ll be some cool screenshots :smiley:


Done. It’s not great and I’ll probably revisit it in a few weeks. It’s really slammed at my day job until late September though so who knows when it’ll happen.