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Good luck to you

from your link


That’s a long wait to win.


And you :+1:t3:


Sorry, this promotion is not available in your region


:frowning_face: You could immigrate to USA, legally of course.


I have to admit I have a problem . I enter every raffle or give away I see . I have won some stuff like a Daniel defense ar and a Ruger pistol along with some other gear .


Thank You @Jtr for letting me know there is hope of winning every raffle, contest, giveaway I enter. I figured it was just to get me on HUNDREDS of mailing lists to enter more contests no one wins. LoL


on a local site - after only being on it for a couple weeks won the Aimpoint CompM4 give away so there is always hope for my southern cousins.


He’ll eat all the capt n crunch if you do that. :joy:


He can have my share .


If I had saved all the money I spent entering I probably could have just bought what I wanted. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is this a decent rifle?

  • Contest - Win A Romanian PSL-54 Rifle w/ A Romanian Illuminated Optic


I don’t know, but I’m entering.




Almost time Olight flash sale
⚡ Olight Flash Sale |


Contest - Win The Legendary Browning BAR 1918A3 SLR ($5000 Value)


Sorry, this promotion is not available in your region



Sportsmans Guide for Full30 has a contest


I WANT TO WIN THIS SOOOO BAD!!! :drooling_face:


I’m in, I already have a desert eagle, but wouldn’t turn down a second one.