Cooking be it BBQ or indoor


I know many like good food and many like to cook so how about a topic for favorite recipes! Anything from quick and easy to complex multi course meals!

Quick and easy for me tonight was a garden omelet with bacon and white cheddar.

Chives, 2 kinds of basil, a Thai hot pepper, thyme, sweet corn, small tomato diced and drained, 2 eggs beaten, 7 strips of thick cut bacon, slices of extra sharp white cheddar to cover the top of the eggs once cooked, S&P to taste.(all herbs chopped, hot pepper chopped, sweet corn cut form cob)

Chop bacon into bite sized pieces and cook it off reserving the fat.

In some of the fat saute the corn and hot pepper until close to done then add the herbs and tomato and cook a bit more. Move to a bowl and set aside

Add a little more bacon fat to the pan and start cooking your eggs omelet style. I like mine set so finish cooking the top under the broiler but if you like them runny skip this.

Once the eggs are done to taste add you cooked veg/herbs on top and spread out, add the bacon pieces, top with cheddar and cook it under the broiler until melted. Fold out onto a plate. You can reserve some of the filling to spoon over the top for a fancier plating.

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huh? you mean @switchpod comming for your bacon?


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I’ve been told my barbarian loaf o meat is really good.

Meatloaf stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon. Put in smoker. Finish off in oven to crisp bacon a bit.


I love you :heart_eyes:

I’d like to add a food subcategory under hobbies and interest,

my wife and I are into food choices/lifestyle and I think we have others who at least enjoy great food like what you picture.

I am a bit reserved and would like feedback


I like the idea. I love to cook. I also love bacon and use it a lot. One of my families favs is bacon wrapped beef liver. My kids hated liver until I made this.


I’ve never before been tempted to eat liver…


This is a good idea. Do it! Do it! Please!!


Do that with buffalo meat instead of beef :heart_eyes:


Last Thanksgiving. Two pork shoulders and three chickens


Where using my Traeger is nice, smoke at 225 for a couple hours, crank to 400 to finish!


I used to cater BBQ before my spine self destructed… this was my annual 4th of July party for family and friends. 4 slabs of spare ribs, 60 pounds of pork butt, 60+ pounds(think it was 80) of beef chuck roast that pulls like the pork when cooked right. Pan of beans with bacon(there is that bacon thing again! LOL!) in the upright.

Notice the thin blue smoke coming out, this was 100% wood fired with oak.


chicken breast stuffed with Canadian bacon and eight different types of cheese topped with homemade salsa. My family won’t let me name it dad’s cheese


Like the garlic bread!

Want a twist on brussels sprouts try coring them, stuff some fine chopped bacon and butter on the hole then arrange on a baking pan stuffed side up. Bake until tender or toss on the smoker partially covered(cabbage family doesn’t need much smoke)


Those were just steamed, nothing too fancy. I’ve done bacon wrapped and smoked sprouts.

Ahh, there they are.


7am and looks great!