Cooking be it BBQ or indoor


Still an honor to cook a meal for the president. Respect for the office :sunglasses:


Here’s some of the slop I’ve cooked…

Shepherd’s pie (made with cornbread)

Drag racing dinner



Catering is hard work! Been there done that often went 30+ hours without sleep…

Worst was a call from the bakery for a 200 person cater… “We screwed your bun order up, it won’t be ready so we canceled it”.

Day before I am thawing frozen bread dough, cutting it to bun size and baking it on the BBQ pit the night before…


So little recognition too :pensive:


It all looks amazing but especially the vegetables!


That sounds really good! @switchpod, will you remove the household ban on brussel sprouts so I can try this recipe? :wink:


Home made pizza. Son made the dough yesterday. I made the sauce a few years ago from my garden. Baked on a stone at 500 degrees.


Brussel sprouts…NO.


We got your back! (Unless she gets pissed, then you’re on your own!)


Yeah, not the first time I have heard that!


Nice, what type of crust? I love homemade pizza but I do a thin cracker style crust(If you remember Pizza Inn that is the crust style).

For a good stone these guys make some that are awesome. I have the second largest size and it lives in the oven… great for homemade bread too!


Core brussels sprouts, fine chop bacon and stuff the hole you just made. Arrange on a disposable baking sheet and smoke until tender… I cover them partially because they take smoke fast and can get to intense… Brussels sprouts haters who turned their nose up when they saw them cooking scarfed them down!


In that case why don’t I just eat smoked bacon? That’s the tasty part.
For the record I have never hated brussel sprouts. In fact I was the one in the house hold that recommended them because I “did” just like them with salt.
The basis for my dis-like for them now comes from them being baked and put into Tupperware containers. After that the house, the refrigerator, smelled of burnt sprouts. The Tupperware had to be thrown out due to any thing being put in them after that would taste like burnt sprouts. Imagine chicken fettuccine with burnt sprouts. This happened twice I might add.
The deal is I don’t cure cerakote in the kitchen oven any more and we don’t have Brussel sprouts any more. Fair trade in my opinion.


Very simple crust, bread flower, yeast, and kosher salt. It’s a bit thick so we’re going to try a thin crust.


The stone is the only way we cook any form of pizza or garlic bread.

Do you use olive oil to oil it up first? We do.


The stone or the pizza? I brush EVOO on the crust before I put on the sauce.


The stone. Usually most chefs use olive oil on it to “season” it when cooking pizza. It also helps prevent cheese from sticking to it and it cleans easier.


I’ll have to give that a try.


You’ll find the crust a bit more flavorful too. That’s the bonus!


Stone I use says to not use oil on it intentionally! It will develop a natural seasoning just from baking on it.