Could use a bit of help (BCM vs Savage)


Hopefully I could find a bit of help making a decision, I am torn between a BCM Recce 14 MCMR and a Savage Arms MSR 15 Recon. I have fired both rifles, find them both to be great, and in my limited time with them believed them to be reliable. However, I really need to make a final decision on the system I would like to run with, so any help for a guy on the fence would be much appreciated.

Let me know what you would pick and why.


BCM , imo. It has a good track record and is built for serious use. Savage is new to the AR game and has yet to really prove themselves like BCM has. What is your price range and what is the rifle being used for?

I would also look at :
Sons Of Liberty Gunworks(my favorite)
Aero Precision ( budget friendly)

Theres more but these are pretty established brands about on par with BCM and mostly built for serious use.


$1200-$1500 is the range I feel okay to stay in. It will be an all purpose rifle, home defense, range time, and used for some skills classes. Either way, I put a lot of rounds downrange for the time I have available, so I would like something that will give me the best “bang for the buck” before I am looking at changing barrels or putting excessive wear on parts. Right now, when I can, I average 300-400 rounds fired a month.


BCM is good

LWRC is top of the line and has alot of good feats for the $ (@Robert @RogueGunnWorks like their stuff)

My favorite brand (just make sure to buy the lower and upper seperate to save $$$, they sell whole rifles with a case, mags, etc and up the price) I only paid like $1000-1400 at most for mine.

I bought mine for a total of about $1200 (this is the upper but I run the soul snatcher rollmark lower)


If you have that kind of money to spend, buy a LWRC DI rifle.
If you are stuck on the 2 you have posted, the BCM is the better of the 2.
You can find the black model for $1400.00 if you go to shops… MAP pricing is $1505.32


Lol :rofl: I would not buy this but these guys are crazy. (I only buy there stuff like I said above, their kits are too much for what you get, imo)


@RogueGunnWorks why is the LWRC so much better?


@jf89 What in all hell!? LOL


I am not going to lie, I am thinking about getting an LWRC carrier (maybe the bolt too). I really like that design. The handgaurd kills it for me on the whole rifle though. Just not “my thing” lol.


Everything, but once you pick one up, you will find that the full ambi set up is very sleek and very user friendly.
The barrels are lasting 30K rounds in a machine gun house.
Same with their bolt carriers. I have not replaced a BCG yet on one of the guns.
Go to a store, find one, play with it. You will then know why it is one of my go to rifles.

This is my personal daily carry rifle. The setup changes a bit from time to time, but the rifle doesn’t…
Granted this is a piston drive system…
But, the only factory DI rifle I own is an LWRC
My other personally built guns all run LWRC barrels and BCG
My favorite combat trigger set up is the LWRC hammer with a Mega Arms trigger bow


You know you can get them in M-lok now right?


No I didnt. The ones ive seen are a proprietary set up. Is that new?


This is another thing I dont care for. I dont do ambi anything but charging handles. I like keeping the manual of arms similar between my AR15s. Ambi mag releases, safties etc kind of throw me off. That is a definite big plus for lefties or people who like ambi controls though. I didnt even think of that.


@RogueGunnWorks aren’t the BCG’s on LWRC rifles proprierity?


About a year old now i think for the M-lok rails


On the piston drive rifles, yes. Not the DI guns


I sell them separate as an upgrade


I cannot stand a standard AR setup… hahhahaha


These look cool


@Fred1983, what barrel length and gas system are you wanting to go with?