Couple of black powder accessories.

You ever get a ramrod stuck? you have to try and pull it with pliers and they don’t work so great on a round stick. plus if your ramrod is wood they scar it up. these things work good. you have plenty of pulling power and it don’t scar up your rod.


You ever load a ball without the powder? On a side lock it’s not so easy to get out. they have a screw you put on the ramrod to pull it. in most cases this works well. this device shoots a high pressure stream of air through the nipple hole. I have used it twice. it worked once and the other it would/t shoot the bullet out.


You have provided recommendations for Essential tools for black powder rifle ramrods, I have used them regularly for many years. Also, I ordered from October Country as well, good selection.


Not essential - but handy. Muzzleloaders were in use for 400 years without such things.

A length of cord and a rolling hitch tied to a branch will pull a ramrod without marring it.

And everyone should own and know how to use a screw ball puller. For those “aw crap” moments.

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