Couple of Questions


So I’m really trying to finish up some of my many projects and have a couple of questions I’m hoping some of the more experienced can help with.

Ok, first I am working on finishing up a .224 Valk. When it comes to a muzzle device I can use anything for a .223/5.56 correct. I can’t find anything that says that for sure but that is what makes sense in my head.

Second I am working on upgrading a Maverick 88. I want to replace the follower as I know the plastic one is notoriously bad. Will any of the Mossberg 500 followers fit? I know some parts are interchangeable and some are not. The only one I found online that listed for the Maverick itself was a replacement of crappy plastic.

Thanks in advance for the help


The .223 and .224 use the same bullet bore.


Every Maverick I have worked on uses the same as a Mossberg. Just measure it to make sure.
Not sure how crazy you want to go but I use a lot of GG&G followers because they spin.




So as the coil spring is compressed or expanded, the wire twists. Making in effect the follower need to spin. This is hard because we have shells pressed up against it and the shells do not want to spin. So the GG&G have a bearing between the spring and the shell side. This allows the coil spring to twist under compression without trying to spin the shot shells. While it is slight and there is a lot going on, (recoil effects, weight of shells, etc.) this helps smooth out the feeding of the shells especially at high speed. Because now the shells do not have twisting force placed against them.


This also effects how quickly you can load them into the magazine tube as well. As you are cramming them in, they do want to spin. This extra pressure or force against them gives resistance. The bigger the magazine tube, the bigger the effect this is.
This is why on some competitive shotguns they have multiple springs with bearing spacers.


Everything @RogueGunnWorks said is 100% accurate. If you needed a second opinion, you just got it. Great questions and great answers. :+1::+1:


Does it use the same diameter projectile? I’m not familiar with the .224 but I also don’t know what +/- tolerances barrels have. Is the.224 .001 larger?


The 5.56 and .223 use a .224 bullet. Just like the Valkyrie. The differences are the grains. For the record, a .22lr is also a .224 bullet.


The Valkyrie uses a 6.8 SPC case that’s necked down to take a .22 bullet.


Thank you very much! I did not know a .22 or .223 was a .224 diameter. I tried to like your answers but all
my likes are used up until little time passes. Is there a
Plus tolerance on barrels? I don’t imagine a minus tolerance would be safe. The manufacturing machines i used to
Work on would have like a -.001/+.003 tolerance on some assemblies but I haven’t attempted any serious gun smithing other than cleaning and sight changes, which really doesn’t count as that.


Nothing that needs to be worried about. The bullet deforms when fired to seal the barrel. The land to land is smaller than the bore.


That makes sense, I wasn’t considering land vs bore. I need to educate myself more about that. I imagine button is different than other types of land and grove and each has its own characteristics. If there was a slow motion video with a see through barrel that would be really cool, like the plexiglass model engines. Probably couldn’t take the heat that would show the projectile sealing but wouldn’t it be awesome too see?!


Just a quick search and found these.image


Thanks @RogueGunnWorks. I think I will be giving the GG&G for the mossberg a go. It is only a few more dollars than the other ones I was considering and it sounds like it is well worth the few extra bucks.