Couple questions about Ar15 pistols

So ive got some of questions on setting up a AR15 pistol. Thanks in advance for any help.

  1. If im wanting to run a shockwave brace, whats the longest the barrel should be? Whats the maximum length a pistol can be?

2)Do you need a special BCG or will a standard mil spec one work with the pistol buffer/tube?

Ok, not an expert or attorney here but, I think, if you add that stock, you make the pistol a SBR. That would be anything under a 16" barrel.

If you want a compact as possible AR style pistol 7.5 would be shortest I would recommend in 5.56…you could do 10.5 also…best option IMO would be a 8-9 inch 300 Blackout…

The shockwave is a brace not a stock though and its meant for a pistol not rifle.

You can run anything under 16” as a pistol.
BCG is not different, although you may want to run the full auto bolt.
The blade brace/tube uses a standard carbine buffer/spring.
Having gone this route before, I highly recommend running the 10.5” vs the 7.5” if you want greater reliability and your bcg to last a while.

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As of today…adding the blade brace is still legal on a pistol build and adding it to a pistol does not make it an NFA item.

What is the longest a pistol can be before becomig an Sbr? I was thinking of an 11"barrel but im not sure.

The way I understand it, as long as it’s originally built as a pistol, I believe anything under 16” is legal as a pistol build.
11” would not be a problem.

Check out this very handy info at Adams Arms for further clarification:

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