Coupon codes/ Clearance deals etc. - Thread


Many of us get deals in our emails, or stumble on deals,
I’d certainly like to know if I can save big bucks, how about you all?

I came across this and grabbed 5, I still remember the last time LPK’s were unavailable and feel its a good item to have, this is less trigger which I usually like to run BFSIII & less grip which I like to upgrade also


I’ll add to this! Numrich has some awesome stuff on clearance. Decent prices on a bunch of different mags (Glock, CZ, PPS 43, Vigneron, etc), bayonets, Swedish helmets for $10, and more. I’m not schilling for the company. Their prices are cheap, surplus is in great condition, and they ship in 2 days.

Helmets are in like new condition by the way.



I’ve never had an issue with them before. Seems like an incredibly simple fix on their part. Hmm.


Not bad if anyone is looking for a good vice and screwdriver set. Midway USA flyer.


I came across this little oddity for you AK guys out there. You know who you are. It’s an AK training rifle.



Czech M10 gas mask for $5…

M1 Carbine sling for $1.20


not a bad deal for half decent brass cased ammo. Free shipping too!


Not bad at all!