Covering Fire Exert in Video Format

A while back I was asked to put segments of the podcast in a video format. So, I went back to the first episode of season 2 to give it a try.

So, here, for your enjoyment, the Florida man stories from that season 2 episode 1 with static image. In the future, based on hoe this goes, we may try out podcasting with a camera rolling.

Well, here’s where the Full30 upload link was going to go… But, this buggy-ass new format won’t let me copy a link…or embed it…or search it outside of the “studio” for my channel… Which sucks, because I was going to give Full30 the exclusive on checking it out first. But, since I can’t…

Here’s the YouTube link…

It’s on Full30, as well. But, idk how to steer you guys to it. Sorry.


No one blames you :+1: