Covering Fire Season 1 Finale!

We wrap up our first season with a look back at our previous episodes. If you haven’t listened to Covering Fire, this is the episode for you. We give a quick once over of all 15 previous episodes which we encourage you to go back and listen to. It’s been interesting learning the ins and outs of this internet radioing thing. We look forward to many more seasons. Check us out on your favorite podcast platform!

Warning: Explicit content…as usual.




Is that meant the same as a :bump: ?

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Yes. But, when you say, “bump,” even with an emoji, you sound like some loser nerd on an internet forum. And, let’s be honest, nobody likes those internet forum guys.

Always buying up all the Golden Grahams and Code Red Mountain Dew to stock up their mom’s basement before D&D with both their friends every Thursday.

Going on “the net” and spewing their opinions about things like anybody cares… Pfft… Losers…


Wow, when you posted this :dead_horse: I was reminded of this

Kicking at a dead horse pleases you

However after reading the post above I feel even more compelled to reply with this

:laughing: :laughing:

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Angry music? That’s your go-to? Jesus…dial down the teenage angst. There’s pizza rolls in the fridge. Mom’s gonna let you wear your Black Sabbath shirt to the family reunion. You is grown up, now. You don’t need dad’s permission to take the car to the rave after the Good Charlotte concert. Damn.

:rofl: :rofl:


Angry music makes me happy, its how you know when I’m happy

Now, crank it the f up!

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