Cracking Down on Crazies


Alright Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have been bestowed with the power to warn, offer a light wrist slap, or initiate a full spartan kick to the chest.

In plain English; if there are users causing trouble on these forums please let me know.

I have the power to clean up these forums now. But, I need help. I need this community to be my eyes and ears. However, I’m making it my mission to get the crazies out of here ASAP (and keep them out).

Just a friendly reminder of what Full30 stands for:

  • Productive discussion about all things firearms
  • Productive discussion about 2A topics
  • Honorable military/ first responder service
  • Productive debate about all things firearms/ 2A

(this list is not exhaustive)


  • Praising historical tragedies
  • Anti 2A sentiment in general
  • Racism, sexism, or bigotry
  • Negativity towards military veterans or any first responder

(this list is not exhaustive)

Violate anything on the second list and you will quickly wear out your welcome here.

Well, now that we all know the rules of the community, please enjoy your stay here. You’re welcome to stay as long as you like, but do remember you’re a guest here.

Rowdy guests will be asked once to relax, and then simply kicked out. Seems reasonable to us.

Thank you.




Classic. But yea, that’s the idea.


It’s definitely a good idea.

Unfortunately, at this point in the game we are not taking Jr. mods. Although as Full30 grows I’m sure that is subject to change.

The best way to fill that role, for now, is to fire me a direct message if you notice anything funky going on in the forums.

I just posted how-to instructions for flagging users. If someone gets flagged I’ll get notified, and can look into the issue. That’s another good way to get my attention (aside from posting pics of spartan kicks…)


I’ll be here most of the time, so I’ll do my best to pass on issues.


“What we’ve got here is failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach”


Brilliant. Thanks for the update Tom. Now we can really get this place cleaned up and pumping!



I’ve been sending out invites to people I know and telling them they need to do the same. Only problem I’m having is I’m limited on the number of invites I can send out. I recommend we all do the same. Invite people that are interested in freedom and 2A


Cleaning up the forums as we speak…


Thanks, we’re here to help all we can.


No quitting here. I do say though, the forums are looking better already. :cowboy_hat_face:


A well maintained forum will attract more people. In the past day I’ve sent out 14 invites, 10 have already joined. I still have a number of people to send invites to, but have reached the limit and have to wait another hour to send another. If each of us invite 10 people, and those invite 10 more, and so on, this site will be huge in no time. I reach 8-10 million a month on my social media activity, I’ll be using that to spread the word once I bring in the people I know will be active.


I agree.

Well maintained, professional, forums are the order of the day.

Thank you for sending out those invites (and vetting them beforehand). It’s the efforts of folks like you, Dan, that will make this community great.

Also, where are the best places to find you on social? I’d love to check out your content (and payback your
kindness by giving you a shameless plug here).


I’m everywhere, but mainly on Twitter, @tactical_review Also on fakebook, Gun Talk, how not to be a moron.


I usually just listen so as not to show my moron-ness :joy:


Good to know who is the boss around here.

Thanks for the notice.



Now, if we can just get people to read. :wink:


Good idea.

I’ll work on getting that done asap.

Thank you for the suggestion


No, can’t see a thing, :grin:


Now that’s funny, and oh so true.


That’s actually a really good, and practical idea…