Crap think I just bought another one



Oops! How did this accident happen?

[pretend I wasn’t lazy and there’s a bob ross gif in here]


215.00 and no tax?




Right on Brother! Beautiful Tokarev!
The bonus is no import marks!


the bonus is no BATF crap and it gets mailed to my door once the transfer is complete and US$195.


Even better!


$200 ?!?!?!? Why oh why can’t I stumble across such deals? Hehe. That’s awesome, I would say you made money on that buy.


The prices reflect the market and surplus handguns are just a small niche with most wanting modern plastic
I can right now go buy a chinese T54 pistol for C$200 (unissued)
M57 (B,C serial) C$240 unissued
M57 civilian C$250-270
Circle 11 TT33 under C$300 some “used” some brand new
Romanian TT33 C$300
what is funny is the private sales can be $100 more than store bought but shopping is King