Crappy quality control everywhere


IMO, this is going to get worse as time goes on. The baby boomers are retiring in large numbers. Many are doing so at younger ages. What I see all over is finding good workers is a nightmare. Before I retired, at age 49. We would interview perhaps 50 people, and only be willing to higher 5, at the most. Of those, perhaps 4 would quit in a week or so. We had people saying, I’m not working no 12 hour days. And I’m not starting out on nights. And I’m not working weekends either. You’re right on all three, thanks for stopping in. Just lazy, no work ethic, no pride in their work. The masters are leaving, and there’s no one to take their place.



Sadly, have to agree… meanwhile people complain that most Americans are not buying American… but the quality is not there to justify buy it. I had to ban hammer a troll 5 minutes ago on our page on faceplant because he is to stupid to get it.
People will get furious with me when I tell them I do not like Remington… as if I am trying to bring down a huge corporation. I fix firearms for a living… I fix Remington 870 shotguns a lot… 200 times more broken 870s than other brands. I hardly ever fix Mossberg… and I have seen some really trashed guns.



With those kinds of numbers it kind of rules out operator error. I’ve never had a single issue with my Moss 500.



In my 29 years of gun smithing… I have had a bolt lock on a Mossberg 930 break. Mossberg paid for the return shipping, fixed it and shipped it back. Had 2 mossberg safeties break. Mossberg wood stocks broken from dropping or being run over? 2… Mossberg forend broken from over tightening? 2 Mossberg but plate (really old from 1960s cracked from dropping and having over tight screws. …
I have had EVERYTHING but the actual reciever broken on a Remington 870 fricken EVERYTHING from cracked bolts, locks, triggers, trigger housings, tubes, barrels, stocks, pins, extractors, ejecters, springs, followers, chokes, sights, action rods, etc. Etc. Etc… all broken. Bent… or rusted to failure. Hahhahahhaa



I heard the Norinco clones of the 870 are better than Remmys lol



I have and shoot Remington 870s from the early 60s, 70s, and 80s . I have never had a problem even after thousands of rounds at skeet and trap. But I have heard they have quality control issues after the Freedom group bought them.



We do not see too many from the 60s and 70s… sometimes. But from the 80s till now? Good God… hahahhhhaaaa



This 870 barrel is cracked… a week later we get a 870 in and I break 2 tools removing the forend grip nut. To install it, I had to machine .012 out of the inside diameter. They made it under sized.



Let’s keep this thread on weapon manufacturers or aftermarket firearm parts. There is a section for issues with the forum, and this is not it.



That’s terrible, and a shame.
I have only had Mossberg pumps, but I’ve owned a few Remington 1100s for skeet and trap.
They’ve all been just fine, but none are of the new variety.
The newest one is probably over 20 years old, at least.



I was an electronics technician for a casino(no don’t ask which, to much identifying info doing that!) and we had 3 levels of slot tech.

Floor monkey… smart enough to pour pee out of a boot with instruction on the heel, would probably pour it on themselves…

Junior tech… smart enough to do minor repairs/swap entire monitors or cpu boards

Senior tech(what I was)… college degree, prior electronics repair experience, willing to tackle unusual projects and find a solution that was cost effective then get it done on time using the junior techs as grunt labor while the floor monkeys did the bulk of the stupid customer repair calls that were customer error 90% of the time.

Floor Monkeys were hired in bulk, many didn’t last a day, some made it a week… 1 of 20 would last a year and maybe work up to a junior tech

Junior Techs we would maybe keep 1 out of 10 after 6 months

Senior techs it was 1 out of 3 lasted. Hours sucked, job was extremely high stress, pay was okay, not great, made a decent living… I did it for 6 years before retiring.

Boss hired a new senior tech… introduces him to me. I was working on a large format picture tube style monitor with 50,000 volts on the anode. I had the anode insulator folded back and was monitoring voltage with a scope to try and catch the glitch that was rebooting the slot machine.

New brainiac walked up and asked what I was working on(clue #1)… um a monitor?
He asks what is this? As he sticks his finger into 50,000 volts.

He lasted 15 minutes. When he woke up after being tossed 10 feet into the wall my boss fired him for being an idiot…



Oh that is just EPIC!!! :grin::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::clap::clap::clap::clap::crazy_face::boom:



Another Remington detonated… so from what I can tell, the retaining pin fell out of the secondary cam pin… rifle was fired… I cannot find secondary cam pin, but I did find the retainer floating around in side. The bolt didn’t like this… hahaahhhhaaaa



Is this a 742? If so Remington stopped servicing them years ago . They will not take hot loads factory or hand loads . I got rid of the one I had . But ended up with the one my father used for years he bought it in the 60s it will never be shot agin.



Yeah… I explained that to the customer… it is basically a wall hanger.



…everywhere but Germany and Austria. However, one of my favorite long guns is a Browning made in Japan?



Browning makes great weapons.



Another thing to be on the watch for… cheap ass Chinese parts that are made to look like top of the line parts. Be wary that an $80 charge handle is “on sale!” For $29.95



IIRC I got mine @ 12.99…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: