Crappy quality control everywhere




Ok… had to work on a FN SCAR 20S today… talk about crap… looks awesome. But hell no. I had a SCAR 17 years ago and I sold it. Would not do more than a 3 inch group with HPBT Hornady.
I contributed this to the mass of the BCG slamming back and forth inside an extruded aluminium receiver.
Well… at the price tag they want now, you are being raped. Save money and get an LWRC


FN is trying to be the next HK with those prices lol. Have you had any reliability/durability issues with Scars?


I agree. The money you pay is in the name it sure isn’t in the machining ether.

AR or AK


I personally have had issues with the FS2000 and the SCAR Heavy and while talking to just one other person they has some issue that they were at first a bit embarrassed to admit to. The other person’s issues were reliability with different types of ammo.


Sure isn’t… the SCAR should be in the 1200 to 1500 range and the SP90 should be in the 500 to 600 range.


Have you got to run an 806 yet? I have been hoping to see some more comparisons on these two platforms since the 806 has been coined “the SCAR killer” and the msrp is about 1k or so cheaper than a scar.

There seems to be alot of people coming foreward lately with not so positive things to say about the SCAR platform. There is even another thread around here somewhere where switchpod went into some detail into what he didnt like about the SCAR.


I have had a chance to play with a few bren rifles… love the uppers and the design, hate the lowers…
But besides that, they seem to be a very legitimate platform. Better be an experienced person to take the lower apart though. Hahhahhaa


Did they make the BCG more DIY friendly than the 805s?


Oh, I think they are the same? I forget… i usually do not have them in the shop at the same time.
I like the 805…


To me at least, the Robinson Armament is a great rifle and I would grab one over the SCAR or the Bren


I just wish RA would get some big LE/Military contracts, not for the cool factor as much as A logistics/parts availability issue, though.


I like RA as a company though, I rather enjoyed their comments over on the XCR forums. There is alot of backstory here but basically these guys dont kiss the customers ass, which I can respect.