Crazy Dans garage sale

That’s right, I need to make room on my shelves so things need to go. Many of these items are new, never used and still sealed in their packaging. I will be adding items below. I will include a link to the manufacture for that item so you can get more details. Price includes shipping unless otherwise stated. Transaction will be done through Paypal. Simply send me a private message.


Valkyrie Dynamics .223/5.56 muzzle brake. $35 each


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Valkyrie Dynamics diamond plate AR grip. $45

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Mission first tactical AR grip $15


Ryker grip. $50

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Unique-ARs unique grip. $50

Defend-Tek flash light. $25

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DEfend-Tek full sized flash light. $20

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T-Rex small arms .223/5.56 tank brake. $75

Come on, lets move this stuff. If you think the prices are too high, make an offer.


Mission first tactical muzzle device. $25

Reduces muzzle brake with the aid of 4 ports on top. The 2 ports on either side direct gas horizontally keeping recoil to a minimum. The front three prongs help direct the remaining gas and concussion forward from the shooter. All these elements make up a very comfortable muzzle brake for indoor and outdoor shooters. Where other muzzle brakes direct gas only horizontally MFT’s comp takes it a step further.

• For 5.56/.223 caliber
• 2 port design for lateral gas dispersion aids in reducing recoil

• 4 top port design aids in keeping the muzzle brake down

• 3 prong design aids in directing gas and concussion forward and away from shooter

• 416 Stainless Steel

• Black Nitride Finish

• Milspec Crush Washer Included – 17PH4 Stainless Steel pre-hardened

Tekko Polymer AR15 Carbine M-LOK™ Rail System $30

The Tekko Polymer AR15 Carbine M-LOK™ Rail System replaces the plastic factory handguard in minutes and requires no gunsmithing. No permanent alterations need to be made to the rifle its adrop in screwless installation, the unit is held in place by the Delta ring and handguard cap. M-Lock™ provides a secure platform for mounting Picatinny rails and accessories such as vertical grips, lights, lasers, bipods and other rail mounted kit. One QD mount built in for right handed shooters, sorry lefties you’ll have to buy the M-Lock™ QD accessory. A monolithic style continuous top rail eliminates the gap between the receiver and rail. MFT’s proprietary polymer ensures heat and impact resistance, made in the USA, with a Lifetime Warranty.

● No Gunsmithing, drop in screwless installation, held in place by Delta ring and handguard cap with no permanent alterations to rifle

● Built in QD mount for right handed shooters

● MLOK™ locations provide a secure platform for mounting Picatinny rails and accessories

GR22 CHASSIS SYSTEM for RUGER 10/22 Rifle $35

  • Mil-Spec sized receiver extension allows the use of AR-15 carbine stocks.
  • Aluminum grip block molded into the chassis gives the system a solid mounting point for AR-15 grips.
  • Picatinny sight rail allows the mounting of scopes, red dot sights, and/or rear BUIS.
  • Extended forend with full length top and bottom Picatinny rail allows the use of various accessories such as lights, laser sights, front BUIS, vertical/angled foregrips, bipods, sling mounts, etc.
  • Domestically manufactured from a highly durable, fiberglass-reinforced nylon.

Would like one of these if works with bull barrel

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One of what?

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Just gott’a ask, why did you buy so much stuff you never used?
Curious minds want to know.

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I get boxes of stuff sent in for reviews and promotions. When I’m done with it, and it’s not used in another project, it’s sold to finance future projects.

Ah, what a deal.
Free stuff you get to keep and sell?
How did you ever manage to arrange that?

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The items are promoted and traffic sent to their site.