Crazy range officers?


@FULL30 Members,
Went to the range this morning iam one of three people there.The range officer sneaks up behind me and aggressively taped/pushed me on the left shoulder three times as I’m shooting!!!
Here’s my question where would the liability fall if I’d let one go and somebody took a round from my weapon?
This nutcase hit me hard enough on the shoulder to cause me to shoot into the next three lanes 2 rounds went off uncontrolled (because of what he did) Nobody was in the other lanes.
What if he did that to a newbie? what if I’d turned around real quick from him startling me?
The idiot wanted to tell me they were closing in 30 minutes because there’s nobody really here and we want to go home.


I would have packed my stuff and left. I also would have called the next day to speak to the owner.


I’d have turned on him & gently placed a death grip around his neck strongly advising him to never touch me, especially when on the trigger. People are assholes, that’s why I try to avoid ranges & shoot on private land when possible


I would of done exactly this.


That is a crap experiance. I am a member of 2 ranges. 1 small local and 1 large. The larger one had soooo many range officers. Great guys. Could talk to to em for hours. If you mess up, they will boot you out… but never lay hands on you. The smaller one there are no officers there ever. If anyone touched me at the range I’d scream at them for sure.

Make sure you call and let the owner know what happened. Thats disturbing.


Well… with out a word the firearm would be unloaded and cased. then a unblinking conversation noise to nose with said range officer explaining the definition of assault and giving two options of 1. never doing that again, and apologizing; or 2. finding out (the hard way) which one of us has a stronger constitution for personal space and defense of ones self.
The issue here is that the person that shoved you has no respect for another’s boundary, and obviously no respect for the safety of you or others on the range. His actions showed that he is a selfish human being that needs to look past his own interests and focus on this job and commitment to being a officer of the range.
I’m sorry to hear that this happened to you.
At any rate a conversation needs to happen with this individual. Soon before he causes something bad to happen at the range.


You got some valid points, but I’d still whip his ass! No personal contact, you touch me, I touch you back ×10!:skull_and_crossbones:


I got a reply from the owner she said she’s extremely sorry she will look into it and apologized.
I think the Danger should lose his job he’s flat-out not mature enough to handle that kind of responsibility! If he’s going to pull a bonehead move like that on me, he’s going to do it again to somebody else. That somebody else is going to turn around and accidentally let one go in the guy’s chest,that’s what I’m worried about! I’ve seen some “seriously scary crazy” moments at public ranges!