This is my latest build I did for a video on my Crazy Ivan Precision 10/22 Chassis system. See videos and more details at my website Thanks!

What .22 lr Package Are You Running?

Wow, that is an amazing looking .22 LR package.

Shame its not NY legal, or I might want to pick one up myself.


Where is it illegal - NY state or the city and what is the restriction?


NYC is likely what mattig89ch is referring to and I believe he means the rifle as pictured isn’t legal not your chassis system. The BX-25 magazine is not legal in NYC.


That looks great. I have a kit in the studio to AR out a 10/22, one of these days I’ll do that.


Is it the Nordic Components one?


My chassis will use ANY 10/22 magazine - so no worries there!


Oh, and that is actually the 15 shot one in the picture.


I have to look, but that doesn’t sound right. It was the company that made bumpfire stocks, they bailed on that at the perfect time and started making these kits, ghost something, hang on.

This one here.


I was actually counting state. I don’t live in the city.

The law says you can have a removable magazine and one other ‘attachment’. Pistol grip and sight are on the attachment list. I’d need to get rid of one of those for it to be NY legal.


The lists they have are a joke. Threaded barrel, pistol or thumbhole stock, barrel shroud that prevents user from burning themselves, yes, I saw that in a law. adjustable or folding stock, pistol grip other than at the trigger, muzzle brake. Any two of these is an assault weapon.


why don’t they put bullets on the list too! That should about cover it!


Don’t give them any idea. I kept asking Dicks sporting goods that if they refuse to sell assault weapons, why do they still sell the ammo. Funny thing is, never got an answer.


You should keep that up just to stick it in their craw. :face_with_monocle:


Idk, if he does they might wind up stopping selling the ammo instead.


Here’s some questions based off what I know to be legal in NY. How long is that barrel? and can the pistol grip and stock be swapped out with a standard AR-15 grip? I believe the loophole is a stock that’s integrated into a grip makes it, legally, not a pistol grip.

Something like this, for example:


The problem with that stock (I think, since I don’t own one) is that it won’t fit on my chassis because the buffer tube is closer to the grip than on an AR. Even if it could be cut to fit (trim beavertail?) I’m not sure there would be enough room for a comfortable grip.


I actually misunderstood what you were showing and selling. I thought you were selling the complete gun, not just a stock.

My apologies for my confusion on that front.

You’ve done an amazing job of making your own stock. It looks great! Shame it wouldn’t fit on my Savage 64. I’d love to own a similar stock for my .22.


Oh – you’re the Matt that placed the order and cancelled it on my website? No problem! Just glad you realized it before it arrived! Thanks for the interest!

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