Create a category for political discussion for the love of God


I came here because I believe in freedom. I believe everyone here has the right to express their view, no matter what that view is. But I don’t appreciate the “ZE JUDENS CONTROL ZE VERLD JA” posts being bundled with actual substantive, non-political informative topics. I really wouldn’t mind any of this being posted, I’m all for free speech on the internet, and I’m not discrediting the beliefs of the users here at all. I just think it should be separated from GD. I came here for gun related content, and while I understand sometimes guns can be an inherently political subject, there’s a fine line between gun politics and Israel getting its grubby hands all over the U.S.


Already suggested there to be a news/politics sub forum for such content. I’m sure that will happen because a ton of people here want it but won’t speak up publicly. Perhaps hitting the like button on this and my topic might show the owners/moderator(s) this is what the majority wants.


Guns and politics go hand in hand. We need a political sub forum on Full30 for sure. A place where we can bring to light all the political corruption going on in our country (and the world). Mind you the worst of it is coming from the Democratic,Leftwing (Liberals) who are a cancer eating away at America.


Please don’t. Here I was thinking we were a gun discussion board where everybody got along just fine. The moment Full30 becomes a political troll site I will leave this board. Division is the last thing we need right now.


I, and I think most people here, aren’t advocating that Full30 become a political troll site. If anything, the current state of the forum is more toxic and intimidating to new users than it would be if we separated politics from general discussion. I’m not saying we create division, I’m saying we let discussion take place in the proper channels so that people who want to view GD aren’t bombarded with talk of Jewish trickery.


Wow first post in a long time I like everyone’s talking points all valid.min. man,you are right discourse has changed lately.please don’t quit or self dq we need voices of reason !you boobs recent actions are changeing everyone’s dynamic,and yup more trolls to come ,bet on it.
However really great things may come as well!but I agree perhaps the news,conspiracy theories, real news ,fake news ect. Should have it’s own category so as to not dillute the gun forum!


I agree in principal Minuteman (nice username by the way!). The problem is there are a couple of users already creating a division here and even making this a hostile environment for new users. I think you know to whom I’m referring if not private message me and I’ll tell you whom they are.

The solution is an ignore user feature and I think the majority can agree with this. If that cannot be adapted to this forum code then perhaps the moderation team can step in to make sure this place is welcoming to new users.

My other issue is the VAST majority of new topics are just news links and they severely limit what people are able to view efficiently in the general topics forum. DOZENS of these topics every 24-48 hours creates a vast ratio between content between users and these news only links. It wouldn’t be “dividing” anything by creating a sub forum specifically for these topics. They, these topics, serve a purpose yes and would be most effective in their own sub forum. It is no different than an airsoft/air rifle sub forum. It keeps that content front and center in one place.

I’ve been a forum admin dozens of times over the last 25 years and so I’m not just some random hack making suggestions. :smiley: I’m not looking to censor anyone just create a more efficient user experience.


A lack of political awareness is one of the major things that’s killing this country now. Most Americans are lazy and apathetic. They don’t want to think about politics; they just want to swim in the shallow end where they think they’re safe. They submerge themselves in entertainment however, and are completely unaware that their country and liberty is being stolen right out from underneath their noses. That’s why this site had to be created in the first place. Shooting channels were being bullied by leftwing social media giants like YouTube and nobody gave a fuck except for a few. If political conversation is too deep a water for some to swim in then here’s a couple of options: (1) Create a sub forum for political discourse, or (2) Don’t be a snowflake and click on a political thread or respond to a political comment that would cause you to melt. Remember you do have the right to remain silent.


Hey,for instance,there is a post on the 14th rallie in state capitols.could be important to get the word out but the thread is buried deep due to spammy articles alas my 5 the grade teacher was right,“one person always ruins it for everyone”


Exactly my point redlemur. That post continues to get further down the list if we don’t continue to post in it to bump it to the top. :smiley: Sadly there are a few people that are missing the point and with less than 2,000 members here it’ll be rather difficult for the average or new user to sift through to find stuff they want to read and respond to.


Tnx. And I indeed know who you’re referring to. Same thing with the “news topics”. I don’t want that crap on our gun site and think it would be best to not overload the server capacity with these junk posts.

Don’t forget that those who oppose us stumble upon Full30 as well and are laughing out loud: ‘See?’ ‘These gun nuts are crazy with all of their conspiracy theory posts etc’. I want to avoid that negative stereotype image.

Full30 is one of the very few sane places where its members are perfectly respectful towards eachother (unlike TFB with its constant cat fights for instance, those guys never got out of kindergarten).

You mentioned a sub forum and that’s where I disagree because I want Full30 to be different from the pack. I sincerely respect your line of thinking and stance on the matter though.


Here’s my two cents, keep the political stuff out unless it is strictly 2A related. Even then we’re asking for trouble IMO. We already have holocaust deniers and Jew haters going crazy in another thread. It’s crap like that which paints the vast majority of lawful and SANE gun owners as a bunch of fringe nut jobs.

Now before anyone started hollering about freedom of speech, this site like any other has every right to prohibit or censure any speech which is racist, threatening, inciting violence, etc… The 1A is about peaceful assembly and redress of grievances with the government, not allowing bottom feeders who have racial/ethnic prejudices having free rein.


This request has been duly noted.

While we do believe in the freedom of speech, as already highlighted, we aren’t going to tolerate racism, threats, or anything else of that nature.

We are working extremely hard to create an awesome, gun-friendly, community. However, that being said, we need you all (our epic community) to help police our own. If you have complaints about an individual user, shoot me a personal email:

I’ll be able to investigate the complaint more, and determine the best course of action going forward.

Many thanks.


Thank you for making my point Louie. Your post is all that needs to be said about asinine racism and why we don’t need it here. Enough said between us from now on.


Thanks Tom!

I know how much work you’ve got a head of you so hopefully you’ve got some tasty snax to get you through it. Haha.


I just don’t like wading through the 30 anti-Semitic ranting posts and tinfoil hat conspiracy theory posts to find the few friendly hunting or purchase decision posts.

A nice option would be and “ignore” or “block user” option, where each individual can choose to either allow or block hide the posts of a specific user.


Hey Louie,happy Holocaust remeberance day!


Awesome. Bet this day really sticks in the craw of all the little nazi wannabes out there.


I would like the political stuff to have its own sub forum. People will remain divided untail they pull thier heads out of thier asses A sub forum has no bearing on that and at least with a specific place for it to take place there wont be new people getting chased away from all the bickering. Political discussions will keep piling up and overwhelming this sub forum if it stays this way and itll end being a political sub forum anyways.


Are they trolls or for real?