Create a list of channels that got deleted from Youtube


We’ve all had it happen to us, either our favorite channels got deleted or our own channel got deleted.

If you’re like me, you just follow the channels on YouTube trusting and niave, and you think everything’s going to be fine. You didn’t suspect that YouTube was going to take out the next person on their hit list. So when people started getting deleted left and right, they’re gone without a trace and YouTube covers it up that you can’t even look them up again.

What we need is a community driven list of people who got deleted so that we can reconnect with all the awesome channels that we loved. For those channels that are in the back of your mind on the tip of your tongue but you don’t remember the name.

If Y’all want it, I am willing to go first and give my list.


still plenty of machinegun and Slidefire stock videos on YT…


RangeTimeTS (totally awesome bunch, I miss them)
Chris Bartocci (although luckily he has joined Full30)