Create a list of channels that got deleted from Youtube

We’ve all had it happen to us, either our favorite channels got deleted or our own channel got deleted.

If you’re like me, you just follow the channels on YouTube trusting and niave, and you think everything’s going to be fine. You didn’t suspect that YouTube was going to take out the next person on their hit list. So when people started getting deleted left and right, they’re gone without a trace and YouTube covers it up that you can’t even look them up again.

What we need is a community driven list of people who got deleted so that we can reconnect with all the awesome channels that we loved. For those channels that are in the back of your mind on the tip of your tongue but you don’t remember the name.

If Y’all want it, I am willing to go first and give my list.


still plenty of machinegun and Slidefire stock videos on YT…


RangeTimeTS (totally awesome bunch, I miss them)
Chris Bartocci (although luckily he has joined Full30)


He is posting videos again. I didn’t know his channel existed the first time as google does not promote political view points they oppose. So I never even knew it existed until the new one came back.


I tried to save that blue-collar logic video with the two doctors, but even though I sent it over to gunstreamer just to preserve the information and the knowledge, turns out that that website does not actually save and download the video, it just streams it remotely from YouTube so when YouTube deleted it, it got deleted for sure. I hope someone else has the download because I don’t have a download. But that video was fire. Truly good information. :frowning:

I’m getting very very discouraged. Because it seems like the Internet is more and more under the control of the corporate monopoly and trust, for the globalist leftist totalitarians. They have fake science, fake history, fake news, fake morals, fake education and fake reality. We just need to make free websites that don’t have any of that kind of control. It seems like they haven’t done it technologically but they’ve done it economically, to try and stifle the Internet. Even Reddit gets censored.

What do we do?


Sail west and conquer.


Need to figure out a way that each creator can make and host their own videos and then use a centralized community that viewers can go to in order to view their content without it being restricted or censored.

If we keep putting our content into the hands of communist swine…then they will destroy it when it doesn’t serve their agenda.
And even when something starts out good, it can always end when the big bucks come in and people sell out.
Always protect your own content by storing it somewhere secure.


For the record a google search of my gun channel pulls me up in the top 10 instantly.

The only thing on that NOT me is the 1st result.

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