Creaters added -Time Frames?-


Is there any time frame on adding new creators to the site? Have put in request and nothing yet. Sorry if it has been posted previously, which I’m sure it has but I didnt see it.

Thanks Gentlemen


Last I heard was about two weeks, and that was a week ago.


Ya, don’t listen to me, I’m a bad person, or so I’m told many times.



I saw the link to reserves a spot but personally was unable to find where I actually click to reserve. Figured i was late to the party as I just joined. Can i still reserve? Itching to get my channel up since ive been holding off posting to the liberaltube.


I believe they closed reservations about a month ago. They need time to upgrade. Many of us have been waiting for several months.


Good to know. I guess I can wait :wink: . I only heard about full30 days ago. I hipe it does well. Off to a solid start. Smart to upgrade slowly.