Crippling gun control scenario, what would you get


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Lets assume the leftists finish brainwashing the average American sheep and all of the millennials of today bought all of Bernie Sanders’ “democratic” socialist bullshit and we had some serious “gun control”.

So, here’s the scenario.

If we had a caliber restriction where we only had to choose anything smaller than .25 caliber what would you choose for your home/personal defense? Please choose a handgun and a non-semiautomatic rifle only, no exceptions. Because they’ll also restrict us to two firearms per household in this likely scenario. Keep in mind in this scenario the evil “semi-fully automatic” black rifles are banned along with shotguns because they got smart and figured out shotguns are the most dangerous in “mass shootings” in public. The only semi-autos you get are handguns.

RIA MAPP <-- This might be my next semi-auto handgun. Comes in a 1911 frame too.



Rifle: Ruger American 18" barrel



I don’t get the reference. I take it you didn’t want to participate? Thought it would be a fun exercise. Get people out of their wheelhouse and think outside the box.


You missed out on the Saw series of movies obviously

Not that thats a loss, but its hard to not think of when you hear, So lets play a game


You are correct. I loathe movies like “Saw”. Just have no interest in that genre so, yea, I missed the reference. :cowboy_hat_face:

I’d like you to participate when you have time.


IMG_3442 IMG_3441 Not really on that particular pistol but it is a game .lol


The goal of the game was to see what you would actually get as an exercise. :face_with_monocle:


I’m afraid I might become a criminal first. If it’s gets that bad, I think I’ll take my chances.


If it’s what I would actually get I’d try these two if they fit into the rules of the game, although I also agree with Equinn.IMG_3443 IMG_3444 z


Yes that’s perfect. :+1:

I REALLY want people to give it legitimate thought and pick their two. “Just gonna be a criminal” isn’t an answer.

If anyone doesn’t want to participate then please feel free to pass over this topic. :slight_smile:


Stickin with

and maybe a 22 magnum handi rifle


Ok forget calling it a game as that seems to not be fitting of the subject. So topic changed accordingly.


Since you already picked .22 TCM (I’d pick the 1911 though), I’ll go with 5.7 in an FN FiveSeven for the autoloader. For my rifle, give me a Savage Arms 110 in .243 winchester.


the mini bayonet on the end of that revolver is a great touch!


Great stuff. I was back and forth with the 5.7 bit figured it would be harder to get…but that’s an uneducated assumption. Hah.

I do like the RIA 1911 in .22 TCM too, especially being a 1911 guy but I really like the lighter smaller package of the MAPP based on the Witness.


I agree with @USMCMahon on this one. I will just take both the FN 57’s


@switchpod Rifle?


If I must, I will go with my weatherby vanguard 22-250.


Great choice.


Crippling gun control scenario, what would you get

Most likely I’d get murdered by the government for resisting with every &#@&!*G ounce of my being.