CROM CR-7 Videos



I modified the titles a little bit. I wanted to make sure it was stated that this is a .338 Lapua Magnum being fired from an AR platform rifle.


Something many likely don’t comprehend

Its Baaaaadddddd Assssss!!


I am impressed that the AR platform can be so versatile and withstand the raw power of the Mag round. Oh, also impressed that shooting was taking place with rain, a good sign for all-weather applications. The shooters were sturdy like the rifle and the round.:joy:


I hope no one misses the levity was not to mock anyone, video, or anything. Good job all around.


The best part about this video, is that it was never intended to be viewed. I was messing around with my phone and trying to make one video out of a series of videos that I had taken that afternoon. I was trying to send this video as a text message to show the function of the action. The text message would never send, so I uploaded it to the Internet to be viewed by anybody I sent the link to. There are no “operators“ In this video. This was a wannabe cowboy and an old hillbilly doing what they do best, making badass guns and suppressors.