Cross draw or side draw?

I want to get a holster for my SAA replica but have no earthly idea which would have a shorter learning curve.

I’ve only pocket carried so I have no experience with a holster.


Strong side draw, 100%. Drawing from across your body causes you to sweep whatever is in front of you in. A direct 4 stage draw from a strong side holster is not only faster, but keeps you from muzzle anything that you don’t want to point a gun at. I’m sure crow draw has some niche use out in the world, but strong side is easier, faster, and safer. I’d recommend some training to accompany it, so that your proficient coming out of the holster/re-holstering as words can only do so much.


+1 to what @USMCMahon said. Strong side is way safer and quicker. I personally prefer a holster over pocket for any gun. I wear mostly just Levi’s so pocket isn’t really an option anyway.


I’m ambidextrous so I could do either side.

Good point about he sweeping. I recently saw Paul Harrell’s video on types of concealment. It mentioned it as well.


I recommended choosing one side and sticking to it. Train one method until you get it perfect. Better to be a master at one thing than decent at a bunch.

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“I’m ambidextrous so I could do either side”

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I belt carry on strong side, but my shoulder harness is cross draw.


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Is that like a cowboy who’s gate swings both ways?

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I’m not sure what he was referring to

Strong side - and low.


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What’s a rig like that run?

The low hanging holster design can depend on the length of your arm.
Too low can slow you down.
It’s best to follow the recommendations of the holster rig maker.
Fast draw with a single action usually starts with the hammer being pulled back while the gun is still coming out of the holster.
Be very careful when trying to outdraw Marshall Dillon.
You might even want to practice with this at first:

Very realistic right down to the cartridges

Funny you mention that. I own two. :cowboy_hat_face:

Makes sense! Appreciate the advice.

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I got mine from Triple K leather for Just over $200 (Cheyenne holster and Wyoming belt).