Custom guns...


Lots of people love custom guns. They want something no one else has. The biggest issue is many still think with in the box. Nothing wrong with this of course.
There are some aspects of a finally engraved Sauer and Sons with an epic piece of wood precisely fit to metal. I love it myself. But there is another avenue… a darker side…

For me, anything goes. I read about a place that banned the Anarchy flag… hey, to me this is America and that’s all about freedom. So… I took a truly sawed off shotgun, made it legal, and created ANARCHY GRAFFITI

Delving into the world of Diesel Punk we did a relatively tame project…

Some times the complexity of a project doesn’t make them very prectical… but they are still fun. This one, STEAM MACHINE took a while to come together. Customer supplied all the clock parts and the parts of the farm equipment

As far as we know, this is still the only fully functioning AK style pistol that is a steam Punk themed weapon. If I could load video, you can see that the hands on the “clock” actually move when it is being fired. Here is a link

Thinking about something different… why hold yourself back? Do as you please. There are some super cool ideas out there. Step boldly and have fun.


Now those are works of art.


Thanks! We will have video of the Diesel punk project soon… it has a bit of extra fun to it. :grin:


I forgot I even had this part in video.


Nice work, that looks like something from ‘Fallout 4’.


A lot of time ,talent and passion right there


Bad Ass!


Amazing work Brother!!! that is so sick.


Time flys when you’re dumping mags :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Great job!


Did someone say dumping a mag?


So instead of creating a new topic… here is the latest.
Convert a M1 Carbine to fire .45 Win Mag… :grin:

Barreled (someone else did this) time to fit extractors. Fix the stock, refit the action to the stock… test fire. There is not a lot of room needles to say.


Making a video for the community channel?


I will have video, just not sure how to load it. I will ask if need be. Hhaha


So as I screw around with this new project the owner and I were talking about wild cats…
I like the .357 Sig…
But why have a necked down 40 when it is 100% doable to have a necked down 10mm
You could call it the 9mm Mag or, 10mm super. Who cares about the name…
Making wild cats is something I have never gotten into doing. :thinking:



Well, after a LOT of fitting, both extractors work.
Great little rifle.




Customer’s project, finished the Cerakote on this morning…
The front “sight” is a bronze pig running…
COPPER PIG is the title of this project.


This project was built during one of my AR build classes.


All of these are awesome. Kinda jealous. Almost everything I do is clean. Never get to do any of the distressed or “dark side” stuff. Only time I’ve ever distressed a finish is actually in the oven, right now. And it’s just a Deadpool Glock 22 for the upcoming gun show. Hoping it draws some attention. Pics will be up once it’s cured and reassembled. But, it’s nothing like this stuff. You guys are artists.