Custom guns...


Thanks! I started out doing just one coke stuff… now this is what I mainly do. I love it.

Cerakote featured me again on Instagram. I think they have done about 20 of our projects on their website and more on social media. We are somewhere in the top 50 in the US last time I asked. Want to be in the top 10! So… I give brakes for crazy projects. Hahhahaha


The Glock I just did came out pretty alright, if I do say so myself. Nothing like that, though. I posted it on another thread here:

Certainly wouldn’t mind your opinion. You definitely have a gift, sir. :+1::+1:


Rogue Gunnworks has some of the most unique stuff I have ever seen, he is an artist in every sense of the word.


Thanks! Sort of wish I had more customers who wanted crazy stuff. Hahhaha


A Hillary Clinton Glock would be pretty funny.


Hahahahaa I have seen those done. I just have no desire to make on of my own pistols into a used tampon. :rofl:


So this was a fun project…
It is an American Rifle Company action with a McGowen custom 300 win mag barrel. The chassis is a McrRee and the muzzle brake is from Zro Delta. Trigger is a Timney.
The threads were cut tight both in the action and the barrel. Nothing would fit. So I centered the barrel on live centers, aligned the threads and took .0045 out of the threads over all. While a snug fit, it can be disassembled still. Everything is torqued and ready for the break in. I think this will be a 2000 yard gun if I remember what the customer said. The lockup for the barrel to action is quite interesting.