Customized M&P40 2.0 EDC option. Any feedback?

Meprolight M&P Tru-Dot Sights
APEX Aluminum Action Enhancement Trigger Duty/Carry Kit & Reset Assist Mechanism
Springco 17240 Recoil Reduction Mechanism
Talon Grips
Surefire X300-A Ultra Light
Speer LE Duty 180gr GDHP Ammo
Blade-Tech Custom OWB w/ Tac-Light Holster & Tek Lok
High Speed Gear Inc Black Triple Pistol Taco Belt Mount

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I have the factory version and love it as is.

If you can figure out a way to carry your M&P 40 2.0, congrats. I could not carry such a large handgun concealed.

Sounds like nice ammo, too, though I have never tried it.

Isn’t the stock trigger known to be horrendous? 165gr GDHP will also suffice by the way. I like the agressive terminal effect, livileness and sheer power of .40 S&W and might want to give the M&P a chance. What would hold me back is the fact that it needs a tool for disassembly, which I think is retarded. Maybe a police trade-in pre-2004/Ron Cohen P226 would be a better investment, but it has less capacity. The choices we make…

Ive had the older versions both standard and VTAC edition , the triggers are worse then glock and beyond sloppy ,imo.


The M&P 2.0 does NOT need any tool for disassembly. Not sure where you got that impression.

I personally like the trigger,too. Of course, I don’t like super light triggers, though (I think of lightened triggers as “jail bait”) - no thank you!

Hard to go wrong with either weight - 165 grain (probably best energy (foot pounds)), 180 grain (probably best penetration).


the triggers on the M&P line just keep getting (slightly) better. They aren’t the same and don’t work the same, as Glock triggers. But, they work fine for me and IMHO, are far better than some other types of guns, such as the Beretta 92’s and the Beretta PX4’s (talk about mushy!)

Okay? And here I was, under the impression it does. Honest Outlaw is a reputable guy. (07.40)


Thanks for the link to the video.

Honest Outlaw dispels the myth on that video regarding the M&P needing a tool for breakdown. He even shows you that you do not need a tool to break it down. What is the issue? FYI: There is a tool in the back of the grip (inside it), that you can use to deactivate the sear so that you don’t have to worry about pulling the trigger as part of the takedown process. I never use that tool, and I have both M&P 1.0 and M&P 2.0.

The trigger discussion - matches what I said/or attempted to say, and that is: it is not Glock, takes some getting used to, but is fine (for those of us that don’t want hair triggers).

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Minuteman copies all :+1:

Cool, Minuteman.

Glad I could help.

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The best way to improve an M&P is to ditch it and get a Sig. :grinning:

That being said, you run the same light and grip tape that I run on my P320, and I can support that. How do you like the meprolights? I have the Trijicon sights, and I like them so far.

Although I agree anything pre-2004 aka pre-Ron Cohen is excellent, I won’t touch anything SIG past that date. I also prefer other hand guns as the P-series has too high bore axis for my taste. I would not mind owning an old P226 (preferably German, with a slide made in Exeter) though but just prefer guns with extremely low bore axis. Jericho, LH9, things like that. I like flat shooters. I don’t like Glocks though due to the weird grip angle and the box feel to it.

I didn’t get an M&P40 yet. As a matter of fact I can’t get anything because I’m located overseas for work. I’m interested in getting one eventually though. I am very sympathetic to S&W because they are an American company and although their products might not always be up to standard, they will always take care of their customers and offer excellent warranty as per SOP. Their strive for complete customer satisfaction is second to none so kudos to them. It’s hard not to like S&W.

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I had the Sig P250 and got rid of it. The trigger pull was horrendous.

A friend of mine had the SP2022 (.22lr), and could not get it to stop jamming. He finally got rid of it.

I have the P238 HD. Love the gun, but for some weird reason, it is not all that accurate. I shoot my LCP II just as well, even though it weighs 7 ounces less than the P238 HD.

So, for Sig, I think it really depends on which one you are talking about and what is important to you. S&W, may be the same as Sig in that regard (some models to love, some to hate).

The P250 was dud overall. But I’ve never had an issue with my P320, and while it’s no walther trigger, its on par with the rest of my pistols and is fairly decent in general. I wasn’t aware of SP2022s in .22, mine is in .40 and I thought they only made them in 9 and .40. Either case, my SP2022 is maybe my favorite modern handgun, even with owning a pre-2004 P229.

I definitely think that with such a wide variety of firearms on the market, it real comes down to which brand you like the most. There are different minutiae here or there, but in general, you get what you pay for across the board. You really can’t go wrong with Glock/Sig/Springfield/S&W.

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Thanks for the double check. My bad. My friend’s gun was the Sig Mosquito. Sorry about the mixup.

No problem! I’ve never really liked the idea of a handgun scaled down to .22 when it wasn’t designed for it. I love me my good ol’ Ruger MkIII.


So, you would recommend the Ruger MK IV? I am thinking about it, particularly the target model.

I can’t speak for the MarkIV specifically, but my MKIII has been nothing but a blast. Great to shoot, reliable, and an awesome beginner gun. It’s what my Dad originally taught me with, and it’s what I’ll teach my children with. In short, yea, I’d recommend the MkIV if it’s just as good as the MKIII


Thanks. Yeah, a friend of mine has the MK III. He likes it. I tried shooting it some (he loaned it to me at the range), but thought it was too heavy. I think the MK IV target is a bit heavy, which is why I didn’t just buy it. So, do I just deal with the weight, or look for something much lighter (like the S&W M&P 22 - full size, or compact)?

Hmmm, maybe I need to start a different topic for this…

@USMCMahon @JohnB

Carry on, I don’t mind you guys continuing your off-topic conversation in this thread.

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