Customized M&P40 2.0 EDC option. Any feedback?



thx, very kind of you.

Still, the separate topic discussion may be the better approach…


You want me to change the title?


no way, Minuteman.

this is your place, not right for me to change it.

but you absolutely would be welcome to join the discussion I will try to get going.



Sorry, didn’t realize we we’re hijacking this hard. Back to the original post, would you recommend the meprolight sights over trijicons?


Most definitely! Meprolight Tru-Dots are the brightest hand gun sights on the market.


The trigger on the 2.0 models is improved over the original. IMO the 2.0 trigger is good to go out of the box.


I don’t think you’ll get a response from Minuteman. He gone.


Hopefully he will stop acting like he is French and come back.