Customizing the Ar platform and foward grip’s that work


I have seen and used I believe every type of grip out there. Some work better than others but none until now had any scientific research done in the development stages. What’s your preference and what platform is it on. Show us what you use to plant the lead seeds of freedom.


Any idea what kind of grip this is? I got the pic off amazon so I couldnt really ask the guy who posted it.


Not sure looks like a green polymer clamp grip the other one posted is called the W.A.S.P short for weapons and be dexterous stabilization platform.


I’m very impressed with the Ryker Grip.


Ya we tried it even talked to the trainer for fxd for forcexdesign it has some limitations. The testing results showed lmitations in gross weapons mechanics especially in left to right transition and in vehicle born defence and assault manipulation. There are other concerns. It is ok if you are standing and shooting and shooting only. The barricade application requires your arm to be above the bore exposed.


I’m pretty satisfied with my Magpul AFG but would be interested in any angled grip that wasn’t outrageous in price. :cowboy_hat_face:


gripping a rifle that far off center can’t be good…


Another fan of the Magpul AFG here.
Usually I just use the magwell or magazine depending on the rifle.