Customizing the Ar platform and foward grip’s that work


I have seen and used I believe every type of grip out there. Some work better than others but none until now had any scientific research done in the development stages. What’s your preference and what platform is it on. Show us what you use to plant the lead seeds of freedom.


Any idea what kind of grip this is? I got the pic off amazon so I couldnt really ask the guy who posted it.


Not sure looks like a green polymer clamp grip the other one posted is called the W.A.S.P short for weapons and be dexterous stabilization platform.


I’m very impressed with the Ryker Grip.


Ya we tried it even talked to the trainer for fxd for forcexdesign it has some limitations. The testing results showed lmitations in gross weapons mechanics especially in left to right transition and in vehicle born defence and assault manipulation. There are other concerns. It is ok if you are standing and shooting and shooting only. The barricade application requires your arm to be above the bore exposed.


I’m pretty satisfied with my Magpul AFG but would be interested in any angled grip that wasn’t outrageous in price. :cowboy_hat_face:


gripping a rifle that far off center can’t be good…


Another fan of the Magpul AFG here.
Usually I just use the magwell or magazine depending on the rifle.


What I want to know is what grip can do it all can fit anybody’s hand and performing gross weapons mechanics equally across the board and in different enviroments from CQB to the field, weapons born assaults etc. I know that my test some peoples knowledge but that’s what we’re here for us to learn from each other. That’s what makes America great. Hey we are all different and requir different tools to get it done.


My Magpul AFG had been used by three people with varying sized hands and so far so good. Took less than 20 seconds for me to explain and show them how to use it effectively. To me the vertical grip isn’t as stable when you are clearing rooms/hallways or switching between targets more than 90 degrees in any direction from your position.

I’m sure some people from the military or with formal LE training may have a different viewpoint but I feel with the angled foregrip you can more easily “pull” the rifle in to your body while “pushing” on the pistol grip which for me is a stronger method of controling not only recoil but seemingly gives me better target acquisition.

My grip:


I use a super minimalist hand stop. I’ve seen big foregrips, particularly vertical foregrips, get in the way too much.

This provides a little bit extra grip for pulling the rifle into my shoulder, and it is enough for bracing against obstacles with to get a firm lock in.

This is the one I use:


The thing I dont like about the afg is when shooting from akward postions or even from prone, it feels weird. The vfg ,to me, is more versatile.



And I agree.


Dildo grips suck. Magpul or BCM stubby grips barely stickout more than the afg. Ive shot in the rain before and my grip panels felt like they were covered in oil.


Prone I agree but I’d use the handguard. The vertical grip to me gets in the way and I feel “floppy” with it when acquiring my target from kneeing or prone.

But for most other applications I like it (AFG). Plus way more often you’ll be either on your feet or knee(s) so an angled grip would work for most situations I think.


You get better pull with the vfg which in turn makes retention in close quarters easier. The afg is slippery when wet too, try shooting in the rain. I use a c-clamp grip so either work fine when
standing or kneeling.


Perhaps this is individual experience dependent? I don’t. The afg gives me better pull. But that is a good point about the rain. So perhaps sticky gloves are in order for that scenario? :wink:


I do use gloves sometimes. The afg is easier on some peoples wrists though which is the only reason I would use one. In rain the vfg is still easy to grab but ive never rain any rail covers with alot of traction, I run smooth low profile ones.


Knights armament vertical grip. It just works.


Isnt that a full dildo grip?