CZ 600 Series Hit or Miss, and WTH Happened to the 500s?

Being honest, while CZ maybe famous for their accurate rifles and shotguns, world wide sales of pistols far out strip them. CZ it seems is perfectly willing to make some brutal choices in their line up to change that.

CZ is introducing a new series of rifles in 2022. At the same time they are giving the Axe to a few pretty popular Long Arm choices and a Iconic Pistol. Gone from the CZ Stable:

CZ 527 series:
CZ 527 Synthetic, CZ 527 American, CZ 527 Varmint MTR, CZ 527 Varmint and CZ 527 Varmint Laminated.

CZ 557 series:
CZ 557 Lux LH, CZ 557 Range Rifle, CZ 557 American, CZ 557 American LH, CZ 557 Varmint, CZ 557 Varmint Laminated, CZ 557 Predator, CZ 557 Green Valley, CZ 557 Grey, CZ 557 Sunset.

Also they’re dropping some of the available calibers, and the CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW ORANGE didn’t make the cut either. :open_mouth:

The good news is the 22LR M-457 has 3 more versions, and CZ Shotguns are back in the stable finally.

The new 600 Series has 4 models up on their web site:





Quality Stock With top of the line materials ranging from walnut, to laminate, to polymer depending on the selected model.
Vertical Safety The patented, tang-located, vertical safety is virtually silent and intuitive.
Bolt Release The bolt is locked when on safe, but a bolt release button allows the chamber to be unloaded without disengaging the safety.
Short extractor controlled feed (patent pending) Guards against double feed when the pressure is on.
Lockable Magazine When the magazine lock is activated, the firearm changes to a fixed magazine configuration.
Caliber conversions A simple task to change from one caliber to another in the same receiver size/cartridge class.
Receiver Materials Depending on model, either a steel or aluminum receiver is available; steel when you want a bit more weight, aluminum when you want a little less. The smallest actions come with a 3 lug bolt, while the larger sizes have 6 lugs.

I was interested in the Range but I’m not interested in another 10 lb rifle. Besides it only comes in 6mm Creedmoor and .308 Win. The Trail is intriguing with it’s switch barrel features, but a sub 2 MOA gaurantee doesn’t flip my unlock wallet switch. The Alpha is light enough with a sub MOA guarantee, and pretty good (mainstrean) caliber choices with a MSRP of $749.

I am definitely willing to take one for a trip to the range…

What are you’re thoughts?


Just looked at a 527 American in 6.5 Grendel, very nice looking rifle a co-worker had. Interesting to find out that also was in 7.62x39 and I have been a big fan of the Ruger American in that caliber. While not a big fan of the synthetic stocks, the CZ classic wood stock is a nice feature.


If you want a 527 good luck. A used one might be your best bet. A 600 LUX would be nice. Comes with a Sub MOA guarantee, but only in 308 Win. 300 Win. 30-06 Sprg and 223 Rem cartridges. Like all the 600 models it has a switch barrel and I am pretty sure more cartridges are coming for it. The Alpha has Chamberings more to my ‘new rifle’ taste in Tupperware anyways, the 224 Valkyrie or 6mm Creedmoor. More the Valkyrie really.