CZ 807 kills 'em all?

Guys/gals, what do you think of this? If ever imported, would you be interested in buying? If it takes Circle 10s, has an outstanding trigger and accuracy I think it’s definitely worth considering. This has the potential of becoming the new 7.62x39 benchmark rifle.

I ll try get my hands on it here in CZ when possible and let you know. If it ll be 100% reliable, than might be real rocker.

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This gun really appeals to me because I am by no means an AK guy. This rifle seems to do it right though. I have nothing against the 7.62x39 round though, it does what it is designed to do, and does it fine and is nice cheapo .30 round. I’m just trying to open up and broaden my AR-15 horizon a bit more. Had my eye on the X95 for a while now as well. Variety is the spice of life and I’ve always been interested in the Bren series. Definitely warming up to the 807. I think we’ll see them in the US eventually.

Us this a further upgrade over the 806 (which was an upgrade to the 805)?

I was intrigued by the CZ 805 Bren. But not the 807. The 807 looks like a mix of an AK, the Galil Ace, the SCAR 16 and the 805. Not my taste, looks too bulky for me. If I were going with a 7.62x39 rifle, I’d go with the Galil Ace or a CIA RAS47/C39V2.

I was always pretty calm about 805… For its price there were really better options here in CZ. Czech made piston AR15’s or SA58 variants or even refurbished surplus Galils from IMI. But 806 had my attention and further evolution seems nice.

It’s the 7.62x39 variant of the 806.

You think so? I don’t find it to be bulky at all. The 807 is definitely a step above and beyond over those two rifles you mentioned though. The Galil Ace is overrated from a marketing perspective (IWI is kinda kitch anyway), doesn’t bring any significant improvements over the AK to the table other than better fit and finish aka build quality, integral rails and a left side charging handle. The C39 is just another plain Jane AK which I don’t particularly care for.

The 807 is a whole different animal and a game changer though. Monolithic machined upper and 21st century ergos are key. You can bet it has better fit and finish to it than any Vepr out there. CZ quality is AAA level. Whereas Molot is A++ at best. Russian QC procedures and manufacturing standards simply don’t cut it. Just compare the guts of a Vepr to, say, a Galil Ace. A quality build relates to very smooth action and good accuracy. With CZ and IWI the quality simply is there. I don’t like Russian or Bulgarian or whatever AKs. In fact I don’t like AKs at all, but I do like the 7.62x39 round because it’s cheap, can be found all over the world from the US market to any Medieval craphole, performs well within its <300m design parameters and sure is a fun and lively round to shoot. Either way, I think CZ has a real winner here.

If the 807 is what you’re looking for, go get it. If the weapons system works for you, run it all day long, man. I was just saying it’s not the kind of 7.62x39 rifle I’d want, or, not having held one and going on visual aesthetics alone, operate with the same comfort as the IWI or a US CIA AK. I agree with you that I too don’t like Bulgarian or other Com-Bloc AKs, but I do like the US AKs from Century. I also can operate the IWI fairly well, and it fits me better than I believe the CZ 807 would. No one can argue CZ’s quality, and that’s not what I was saying, I’m sure the rifle will function well, but you asked for our opinions on it, and my inital tentative opinion is that I’m not intrigued.

Yeah sure thing man. I agree with some points you made out. The Ace grip is very, very comfortable and the rifle overall handles nicely. Let’s just wait and see if the 807 ever makes it overhere.

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I’m one of the few who have shot the Bren 2 (aka 807) and I will say without a doubt this is every bit as good, if not better, than the SCAR. If CZ gets it in the country it will cost a bit less than the SCAR and I think they’re only problem will be keeping up with demand.


Now THAT I am interested in! I do like the Bren series, especially the 805 S1. The only thing I don’t like is the look of the stock or pistol grip. The reason I like the S1 and not the 7.62x39mm version is that the Bren series is more or less CZ’s SCAR competition series ( competition in the sense of business and not 3 Gun or IPSIC). The 805 in 7.62x51 or 5.56 is much more practical to me and looks better. I think the 7.62x39 version looks a little strange with the 7.62x39 magazines. But that’s just my opinion.

As will everything CZ ;)[quote=“MAC, post:11, topic:186”]
better, than the SCAR

I agree. I think this gun is a step up as well as a better piece of equipment right out the gate, and the price point is far more realistic. The SCAR is an ‘okay’ rifle at best and certainly isn’t worth 3k. I like eveything that CZ makes better than anything FN makes, although FN are very innovative, more so than HK. I like the FN Tuna alot.

It’s essentially what the 805 should have been.
So it’s kind of a kick in the nuts to people who bought the 805.

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Exactly. 7.62x39 is a great FMJ round. I don’t particularly like AKs although I’m a big fan of 7.62x39 as the actually affordable .30 cal.

Gonna have to disagree with you there. It has one MAJOR improvement over the AK that will increase reliability by a lot.

The side panel that the charging handle rides over will prevent the ingress of most debris, preventing anything but the worst case scenario debris from entering the actions and causing a malfunction.

It still is an example of adding pearls to a pig. The rifle is mediocre and does not justify its price tag: Tons of muzzle flex, inaccurate and that top rail is useless because mounting a crap load of optics, lasers, pacers and tasers on an AK is at all useless. A red dot doesn’t require that much rail space. The FNC and AK5 also have a spring-loaded dust cover and beat the AKM/Galil hands down. Anyone who is willing to pay $1700 for this ‘export grade’ gun is out of their right mind.

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Agree. I bought my surplus Galil AR from IMI for about 350$, thats the real 100% worthy price tag for awesome build and reliable rifle. But this new chunky polymer one isnt worth its price at all!

There is indeed a big difference between the original Galil and the ACE. Still, the Galil is inferior to the FNC/AK5 if you ask me. But the FNC/AK5 in turn is inferior to the CZ Bren and SCAR. But it’s kinda apples and oranges because the FNC/AK5 are 1970s designs and the CZ Bren and SCAR are 21st century designs. Ultimately, the CZ Bren wins because it’s a lot cheaper than the SCAR yet they are in the same league performance and functionality-wise. Some might say it’s hard to beat FN, but the thing with FN is that although their stuff is very cool, they overprice everything and parts are hard to come by. CZ has a better overall business model and their prices are much more competitive. Demand for CZ guns is very high. More so than for FN produce. FN is more geared towards govt contracts where as CZ serves a broader market and treats everybody the same. They are two entirely different companies.

I can agree that it doesn’t justify its price tag. I just think that panel represents a huge understanding as to one of the AKs failures, however I think I could make a panel do something similar for well under that price tag. But again, the cover to prevent ingress of debris I think is a very good step.