CZ Bren 2 - Battle Rifle (BR) Official Product Video: 5.56 & 7.62NATO


If I were to get a non-AR semi auto rifle, this would probably be it.

I’ve heard reports that the first Bren is about a 2 MOA gun. If this is a 1MOA gun and/or people start making aftermarket barrels to turn it into a 1 or sub MOA gun, then I might end up getting one eventually. IMO, it’s difficult to justify a non AR-15 rifle due to the crazy amounts of performance that has been edged out of that system. The Bren though… I’ve heard so many good things about it.

Ooh… if someone made a 6.5 Creedmor Bren… that would make me drool…


Its got a cool nickname too “The SCAR killer”. Seriously though, this rifle looks pretty awesome.


Hell of a demonstration video!


CZ, FTW. While FN is overcharging people CZ will be taking over the non-AR semi auto market.


I think it will be aftermarket support that ultimately determines the popularity. People like to customize. Aftermarket support is also how you get iteration to edge out the top tier performance - it’s how the AR became the tuned machine it is today, same for the Glock world.

If more companies start putting out Bren customizations, it’ll really gain momentum.


Swear that looks like the ranges at Ft. Bragg.


The key to that will be its inherent modularity. If its easy to swap stuff out with minimal tools, then its green light, go. If its all proprietary and a pain in the ass, then it’ll be just another AR alternative. Sig MCR, ACR, B&T’s offerings, Sig 556, all come to mind (missing others im sure). If its only cool because its not an AR, then the hype will wear off pretty quick. If its cool because you can play big boy legos with it and not eff it up so it doesn’t work well anymore, then all companies involved win.


That and having military contracts drives sells with these types of firearms. The Sig MCX is gaining popularity but I dont think its on par with the Bren 806. Ive never seen or heard a head to head comparison though.


They also help drive the costs down as manufacturing costs go down as the scale goes up.

The only reason why surplus AKs are so cheap is because the entire weight of Soviet Russia’s manufacturing was thrown at them at a massive scale. They actually require more to build than an AR-15.

So the Bren’s military use will most definitely help it grow in the civilian market.

If someone makes a Bren trigger… that’d also give it a big boost.


If this drives FN to drop SCAR prices then we will be seeing a new generation of ‘AR vs AK’.