CZ P07 vs Glock 19 vs S&W M&P vs FN 509

As I said in another thread I have to start my gun collection from scratch… I thought about a .45 or .357 but im not paing $1200 for a Ruger gp100 or Ruger SR1911. I will buy one of these at a later date when the sky isnt falling with covid,riots, and the election.

I am going with 9mm. Mainly due to having the most ammo stocked up for it and the firesrms seemed to be the most available for semi-decent prices.

Ive shot and handled 3 of them, the only reason I’m considering Glock is that I still have 5 g19 mags , a few spare parts , a set of steel novak sights and a holster.

The CZ p07 feels best in my hand but I cant say I really shoot it any better than Glock.

Most of my experience with the S&W M&P was from the first or second gen and it was ok with an Apex trigger.

The 509 I want to like but I just feel like FN isnt an ideal polymer pistol manufacturer.

This will be a defensive/shtf gun ,so I want something hardy that is built to last(aka not a fu***ng Hi point)

What are your preferences on polymer 9mm pistols,why?

  • Glock
  • M&P 2.0
  • CZ P07
  • FN 509
  • Other

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You too? Wow. We really need a boating safety thread. :laughing:

If that’s the intended purpose, then I say Glock 100%…especially since you already have extra mags. I wasn’t aware that Glock mags could float. Good to know. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In all seriousness, I like the Glock for SHTF due to simplicity, durability, and ease of maintenance. Also there are millions out there, so the few parts that you may need will likely be available somewhere.

For ergonomics and comfort, I would choose the P-07. They are sweet little shooters! CZ’s feel so nice in the hand. My EDC is a P-01, btw.


I have had 5 M&P’s I just keep having boating accidents. :boat: They are great guns durability, simplicity, and ease of maintenance are every bit as good as a Glock if not better. Ergonomics are better than the Glock. But if you already have Glock mags and parts I would go the Glock route.


Glocks, since there are so many accessories that work with them, and their magazines have such a reputation for durability.


Have you tried the G-45 Glock or the 19X? Very nice feel and they shoot well.


Never heard of the G45


Never had a Glock fail


The first question I would ask is what is YOUR life worth?
I paid $800 for the Sig P220, the best 45 Ive ever fired. Paid $250 for the Mrs 357 mag.

Once again what is the mission of this firearm?

If you are “collecting” get a Sig, they are and will be worth more down the road. The P320 was the “other” I voted for. Cabela’s have them right now for $530. Sig is better than Glock period.

45ACP is better than 9, and 357 is better than any of them.
Paul even did a test about this: