CZ P10c 1

So I purchased a new p10C today…I went straight home to put some rounds through it and had issues immediately. The first round fired through the gun was a stove pipe…I ejected it and loaded another round. Second round fired and yet another stove pipe…the rest of the mag went through with weak ejection and on the last round the slide failed to lock back. Loaded another magazine and the first two rounds AGAIN were stovepipes. After the second mag it seemed to clear up and the next 70-80 rounds seemed to go through smoothly. However, I noticed this gun has an extremely weak ejection. There was one point that I had 3 empty shells that landed on my arm while shooting. It was very eradic with no consistent pattern. Overall, they just limped out. I was using blazer brass and Remington UMC 115 grain. I guess back to CZ it goes already!

Anyone else having these issues??

P10Cs seem to have a great reputation, so I am at a loss on the issue. You might try a stronger grip when firing it so it doesn’t move in your hand. Sounds like weak ammo, which I doubt, or maybe a burr, or crud inside it from the factory.

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Weak grip was my first thought bc I’ve seen glocks jam from limp wresting before. But I typically don’t have a weak grip. If anything, I go the opposite way and white knuckle it which I am currently working on…lol. Weak ammo could be it but I have quite a few 9mm’s and have never ran into one that wont cycle blazer brass 115 and Remington UMC 115. This sucks bc within the last month I purchased a Rex zero 1and it is already back to the manufacturer. Two great guns with great rep’s and both are being sent back. Not a great month for me…lol

So I just got off the phone with cz and wanted to fill you guys in. They seem to think it is a broken or slightly out of spec extractor. He said they have only had two come back like that so far but he had seen it. He said that everything I described to him lead him to believe that that was the issue. I asked him about shooting the lowered powered ammo. He said that was absolutely not an issue and it did not need any kind of break in period or anything like that. He wants me to send in for repair.


Glad it’s going to be handled. And if I see any other such problems, at least I can give an informed opinion now.

Great to hear CZ step up and say “that’s not right, let us fix it”.
Totally opposite from a few other manufacturers I have dealt with that blame it on ammo, shooter, break-in etc.
Are they paying for the shipping back?

Crap…just saw how old this thread is…my bad :frowning:


We will hope they find there way back!


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