CZ75 vs Glock17

  • CZ75
  • Glock 17

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Owned both…G17 is still my choice.


Do you mean CZ-P07 vs Glock17?

A compact pistol vs a full size pistol is an interesting comparison, but wouldn’t a CZ-P09 vs Glock17 be more of an apples to apples comparison.

Don’t get me wrong here I love both firearms.


Neither one is a 1911 so You need a none of the above choice .


I work on both, Cerakote both… Glock 100%


Plastic is for making dildos.

Steel is real


I’m no Glock guy. @DarkCornerGunworks can confirm, but given the choice between a Glock 17 and a CZ75, I’m going to choose the reliability of the Glock.


Having used both in many matches and training sessions, my choice would be the CZ.
Better in every way, accuracy, ergonomics, features, and trigger.
And they even fit 1911 holsters.


We are talking the P07 Duty here…not the all steel CZ75. I think a couple guys missed that.
Both polymer pistols.
And trust me…the P07 will not come near fitting in a 1911 holster.

The only thing I really hated about the P07 was that darned horn coming off the back. Conceal carry that critter for a while and you’ll see what I mean.
I almost cut mine off but decided to sell it instead.
Also think it’s easier to rack the slide on the G17 since there’s more exposed slide there.
Earlier versions of the P07 had some frame issues as well.
They both shoot well…but the Glock still gets my love…grudgingly.


Between those two? CZ hands down. Open to others? Neither. I do however smell this topic turning sour as the glock fandom having such strong opinions and being dismissive. ;).


The only reason I am dismissive of a CZ is because I have had to take them 100% apart. Sort of like a Springfield XD… why Springfield… why!?
I am a big fan… BIG FAN of Beretta and Sig P22? Fill in the last number
While the beretta is mechanically a bit complicated especially in the safety / decocker I would grab one in a heartbeat.
I suppose this debate is very much like Chevy and Ford (not really but sort of)


I like XD’s. For me they point really well and I like the grip and trigger more than the glock. Now, having said this I’d rather have a PPQ or my Canik TP9 over all of the other polymer options after the PPQ. :cowboy_hat_face:


I get that…
When I do a pistol maintenance advanced class…
People change their minds in a hurry about what they like and do not like.
Take the mag release out of a XD Mod 2… then put one back in. Then get back to me on how much you like them. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::bomb::boom: