Czech Rep. is putting court charge against European Union parliament with goal to annul EU weapons possesion directive


Not sure how many informations you have. But this year EU parliament passed directive that is mandatory to all member states and which bans huge variety of firearms, magazines and so. Mostly semi-automatic, military surplus in civilian hands, large capacity magazines, SBR and so on. They are reasoning it as “fight against terrorism”.

All of member states goverments already betrayed their citizens and accepted to pass that nonsense with one expection and that is Czech Republic that was constantly trying to stop it using all possible ways.
There is also already ongoing legislative inside country to put weapons possesion into constitution (I made topic about that before).

This charge is the very last stand to stop that EU directive thing and last chance to help ALL european law abiding gun owners to keep their rights.

Official text to read here.


Any updates so far? I find your two topics very interesting.