@Dakota posted giveaways

Found out last week on some nice giveaways earlier in the year. 14,000 rounds of 556 and an AR15 by Marjorie Taylor Greene, got to like her for that. Well anyways, I need much more practice at the range with my trifocals, I miss younger eyes. And got fingers crossed to win some supplies via entering various giveaways, hope its Ok to share giveaways on the forum and heck even got myself cancelled on facebook, oh well big-tech I’m getting tired of. So being from MN, the home of SPAM, which we had it a lot as kids and still do today…So I could be considered a SPAMMER. I do realize the giveaways is a marking strategy and I do get emails from the various from sponsors and with my situation, I can handle emails for a better chance to win supplies than winning the LOTTO, I bet.

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.! :wink:

And ammo giveaways which shouldn’t break the bank with taxes

1000 rounds 9mm ammo X-Force Luger 124 grain FMJ >> ends July 11 2021 11:59PM PDT

Sharing the giveaway links is a bit self-serving for I’m attempting to get extra entries but also it may help others in the same plight as I; and they can also get their referral link to share with others as well.

500 Rounds of 5,56 AMMO Bear Creek >> ends June 30 2021 11:59pm EST

200 rounds 9mm ammo Fort Scott along with S&W M&P15, M&P Shield 9mm, & more gear >> ends June 30 2021 11:59pm EST


We have absolutely no problems with you posting giveaways. As a matter of fact we have a new section on the forum just for such a post. And a congratulations you are the very first to post on that section :partying_face: (with a little bit of help). Keep posting them.


Oh wow @MAC82 thanks for the re-direct!!! Will have to circle-back with some tidbits.


Hmmm somebody else is noted for that.lol


He is a kinder more gentle Injun. plus he big as a sasquatch.


Oh yes @Belt-Fed … it makes me chuckle each time I say it . or type it… LOL
And if we win stuff, how about “circle the wagons!!!”

Some cool stuff

Moriarti Arms AR-9 9mm Pistol Ends June 15th 2021 11:59PM ET

Custom Springfield Hell-YEAH-cat w/200 rds 9mm ammo Ends June 16 2021 12 AM CT

DS Arms SA58 FAL 7.62mm/308 Rifle w/Scope,M-LOKRail Handgaurd Ends June 16, 2021 11:59pm ET

M4 Tactical Benelli Shotgun Ends June 16, 2021 time??

Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 Shotgun End June 16th, 2021 11:59 PM.MT

The no circle way… I’ll be back

Podavach AR-15 Mag Speed Loader, Carry Case, Mag Pouches & More - June 21 2021

Tactical Vest w/Level III Armor Plates & Gel Dummy - June 25 2021

CZ BREN-2 AR-15 Pistol 8.26” Barrel in 5.56mm - June 30 2021

F5-MFG MASTER F.U.C.C Suppressor Starter Kit - July 2 2021


A bit more opportunity for @DontBlameMeIStubbedMyToe in his pistol quest.

– more giveaways–

How about a nice compact 9mm Taurus GX4 Pistol + Viridian Laser perhaps? Ends June 30th 2021

Or how about an opportunity to win 1 of 4 Taurus GX4 pistols?
Ends July 4th.

Now Dirty Harry would want something a bit bigger than a GX4.

So how about an Daniel Defense DDM4® V7® PRO nice looking AR styled rifle. Ends June 18th 2021

Can’t go wrong with Smith & Wessonality See the first post above for S&W M&P15 Sport Rifle, Shield 9mm Pistol & Ammo & other fun things.


Faxon Arms 9mm beauty “Home of the Brave” & gear Giveaway ends July 11th


Got a few giveaway here in between packing moving boxes

Cold-Beer-Here KOMOS Kegerator - ends July 9th

AXA Woolly Bear Ultimate Basecamp - ends July 9th

UTG parts for an AR-15 - ends July 9th (once page loads look for !!! below website logo)

Sig Sauer MPX 9mm Carbine Pistol Package - ends July 9th

CMMG AR-15 Rifle Will Not Comply - ends July 9th

200 rounds PMC AMMUNITION .223 Ends July 10th

MK18 Pistol w/1000 rounds 556 ammo. ends July 12th

Go Anywhere Camping Gear - ends July 12th


Got a few offbeat giveaways here But one could say they could help in better shooting indirectly. Win a mattress for better sleep, faster PC’s to get less frustrated, RoboVac for the Mrs and if she is happy everyone’s happy, a massage chair after shooting all day long and some camo to hide in plain sight or while cooking on a pellet grill, keeping your tummy happy.

Camo Outfit ends July 31st
Massage Chair Ends July 14th
Ultimate PC Ends July 11th
Beyond PC Ends July 22nd
Pellet Grill Ends July 28th
Puffy Mattress Ends July 31st
RoboVac Ends July 8th


I’m in for the vac to run around in the crawl space under the house :nerd_face:



Oh Gosh… heck yeah… save your knees & back & head!!!. Love the idea!!!


Some Giveaways to help replace items lost in boating accidents

Freedom Goes Bang! $6K - ends 07/31/21
Ultimate Hunter Giveaway - ends 07/31/21
Sig Sauer P365 XL Spectre - ends 07/31/21
Maglites USA - ends 07/31/21
Puffy Mattress - ends 07/30/21
Shark Robot Vac - ends 8/7/2021
Summer Gear - ends 07/30/21
IWI Zion AR Pistol - ends 9/30/21