Dan Coonan made an AK!?!

That’s correct. Dan Coonan made AK from parts kits supplied by Century International Arms, inc.

This rifle was build off of a Yugoslavian M70AB2 parts kit, and has features that many Yugoslavian AK share. The M70AB2 is built off of a RPK trunnion and sports a larger diameter barrel.

The AB2 is equipped with a under folder stock, and gas block shutoff for rifle grenades.

The M70AB2 also comes with flip up night sights!

As AvE would say she is a beauty, bonnie, and a joy forever.

The Yugo AK47 have a vast history that I cannot even scratch the surface on, but if you want to know more about the Yugo’s don’t hesitate to ask. I’m sure @Glockshooter79 wouldn’t mind answering a question or two because there is a world of difference between the yugos and the run of the mill AKM rifles.

P.S. don’t let @Robert know that Dan Coonan made an AK47. He will be crushed :grin:


I do wish things were better for Coonan, this is his second go at solo and its about as bad as last time

I love to support true home grown ingenuity


Big woop.
He spent too much :rofl:


Wow. He got some really tight groups for that build.


I think I know someone with one of these… he had it in his stream too…:sunglasses:

Nice write up @switchpod and nice photos. This looks like a nice build.