Dana Loesch calls for 'real bipartisan discussions' to tackle mass shooting prevention


Find the REAL Cause.
Not treat the symptoms.


REAL cause. I agree. Even if all the guns were taken away, disturbed individuals will still find a way to kill as many as possible indiscriminately. How quickly we’ve forgotten Timothy McVeigh’s OKC bombing and the Boston Marathon bombings.


In the article Loesch said, "We always keep looking at treating the symptoms, but what is the root of the problem?”

Like I said in another post, our country has serious cultural problems that need to be addressed. I believe that many of our problems start at home with the family unit, or lack thereof. We have too many broken families, too much substance abuse, a lack of faith, a decline in family wage jobs, a declining educational system, etc, etc, etc. Most importantly, we are losing respect for ourselves and each other. No gun law will fix that. We, as a nation, have some serious soul-searching to do.

Loesch also said, “We have the laws there. We need to properly enforce them and properly follow through,”

The evening news stated that the recent shooter tried to buy a gun, but failed his NICS check. Did any law enforcement agency follow up and contact the guy? Nope. Therefore, it’s very difficult for me to support ANY new law, when we don’t enforce the thousands of laws already on the books.


The Police are now reporting the shooter called them and the FBI, His work called LE also, but he was gone when they showed ? SO how did a report to all LE not go out that this guy was having real issues, IF all LE knew maybe the first contact ( State Police ) could have taken him out quick…looks like another case of failure…


well, first the gender confused would need a biology lesson or two

then some appropriate family music needs to be digested


I recently read an article about the 20 most famous gun quotes. After reading that I felt compelled to post an answer and I thought I might share that answer here also.

“If there were to ensue a fight for our freedoms, I might die during such an exchange, but I would die knowing that my soul is free because of the blood of JESUS CHRIST, and my body died a free man because of the blood of those who paid for my freedoms with their blood. I would have no shame in dying a free man knowing these things and to protect our rights.”


In the history of the world NO nation with split cultural values has ever existed more than a few hundred years with split cultural ideas with the exception of wait for it…the Mongols. (http://www.popularyoutube.com/video/PqcVro-3f4I/Mongols-are-the-exception/)

The biblical teaching of “a house divided against itself cannot stand” rings forever in history… Slowly houses begin to dissolve or evolve into a single belief system. There can be minor differences of course but, true schisms cannot exist and will eventually result in the dissolution of the empire. Typically via communism, dictatorships or socialism.
We have moved beyond repair and people are seeking imperfect resolution thru the government and that ALWAYS leads to big government working towards the dissolution of free will.


IMO it all started when we took the paddle and discipline out of our school system…the current crop of freebie anti everything demoRats are such people…


Friend, that’s more than biblical, that was Jesus who said that, no greater source.