Dark Corner Gunworks Introduction


Dark Corner Gunworks is a full service, veteran owned, FFL, training, and gunsmithing service. We look forward to coming out from under the oppressive thumb of YouTube and becoming a part of the internet gun community.






Welcome to the forum Brother!!


Welcome @DarkCornerGunworks
Great to have you here at Full 30!!!


Welcome to Full30 forum @DarkCornerGunworks Good to have you here. Have you reserved your channel here yet.

If you’re a content creator on Full30, join
If you’re a podcast or wish to have a podcast, please contact me about linking up

Be sure to check out the list of content creators and give them a subscribe.


Welcome aboard!




Welcome to the forum!


Welcome from Texas


Thanks for the welcome, guys. Can anyone help me out on how to go about posting videos? I don’t see an upload option. Thanks.


You have to apply for a channel. @Tactical_Reviews or @Robert can help point you in the right direction.


There is also the community channel that can be posted to.


Thanks! I see it. I’ve reserved the channel and it says it’ll l be unlocked later. If not, i’ll start trying to ruin it down with the people you suggested. Appreciate the help!


Right now the site software is being upgraded. Once that’s done new channels will start to be approved. Being active here is the best way to get moved up on the approval list.


Then i’ll definately try to keep active. Thanks for the info.


Welcome to the forum!




No offense, but I prefer the unicorn guy’s intro.

Anyways, welcome. My bad for not welcoming you sooner but I have been on a drinking bender and on my period for the last couple months.


@TacticalUnicorn1776 can’t read and still writes checks. His intro was terrible. He wrote it while he was voting for Clinton and Ocasio-Cortez. He even HATES America. That guy sucks. :no_entry_sign::unicorn: