Dead Air in the House


Hi, I’m the South East regional sales manager for Dead Air Silencers.

I primarily take care of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, but I go where I’m needed.

The guys over at Suppressed Nation gave me an invite.

Thanks guys, and if there’s anything I can do to contribute, let me know.



Being here is a valued contribution, thank you and welcome!


Welcome to full30! Did you bring the free silencer fee?


Welcome aboard Tim! I know your knowledge will be appreciated here.


Welcome to Full30…:fist_right::fist_left:


cool, hadn’t seen that one used yet :+1:


I love y’all’s suppressors!

I have the Sandman-K and plan on getting a rimfire and 9mm eventually.


Welcome Tim glad to see you on here.


Welcome to Full30, tim.orrock.

This is the fun place to be for all of us in the gun world.


Welcome to Full30


Welcome to Full30!


Welcome Tim!