Dealing with miss information.

I wanted to put this in the general rifle category because I feel it would be otherwise missed.
A few weeks ago a few individuals made a claim in a fairly popular video that they were able to “lightly tap” an AK barrel pin out of a new rifle.
Let’s just get this out here. I have built these rifles for years and have de milled far more of these then most people have even seen at a local gun show.
I am not a credentialed “expert” but then again who really is. Experience gets you the gold. That being said.
I disagree with the claim that, a 5lb maul and a few good whacks should not move a barrel pin on an Ak. That only a press should be used and they are fitted so tightly that you will hear a loud. Press jumping pop!
The reality is. A small hammer and a punch is all you need. If you buy a new rifle and you can move the barrel pin with minimal effort. Think of this video I am posting.
This is a Yugoslavian M72 kit that was originally built in 1989. Every Ak I have built that had barrel stubs, did not need a press to get the barrel pin out. Yes. Some are stubborn. But as a general rule of thumb, they are pretty similar to what you are about to see.
AK Barrel Pin Removal Without A Press Part 3