Debunking the lies


Interesting article here.
And I love the response at the end. If you have no response just ignore the question.


Clearly this is a flawed study. The media has been very clear telling us we are the worst of the worst because we have guns. And the media never lies.


Answer them back with facts.

Disinformation and propaganda are weapons of the lefturd nazis. on and at the LSM shitshows.
FIGHT BACK - beat their heads in with truth.


How convenient to ignore the murderers with the highest body count of all.
Mao’s communists in china.
Hitler’s social democrats in Germany.
And that’s just for starters.
You can safely bet that anyone promoting the disarmament of the citizenry has been bought to promote the propaganda and agenda of dictators.


Democide, 260 million dead in the 20th century alone. More than all wars in the history of ever