Decide a vote/poll


I’d like to take suggestions for a new poll

The " Feedback request for Gear & Survival Preparedness thread was not a landslide

So can people pitch ideas for a poll to be created that would determine what % is needed to take action on a poll?

Maybe if we can all agree to narrow it to two options we can poll those, and, blind poll or public?

Its a fan and its shit so toss it up


Suvival,camping, outdoors, gear could be lumped together? 70 percent should be a fair deciding majority number to make a decision to change something put up for a vote.


We didn’t make 70%, so re-poll minus the least popular option, see if 70% occurs…



Using top two should suffice.


So just this pattern on all votes?

Narrow it down when under 70%

And private or public results?


Doesn’t appear we get many votes to begin with unfortunately. So those who took the effort get the say. If voting choices are kept narrowed to 2 choices, I’d think you’ll get your percentage or outcry for a better choice. If not, then majority rules regardless of percentage.


If you throw out the third option you’re at 66.6%. I’d say that’s close enough to just do it. No need to vote again. Just my opinion.


Yes Maam!

However I was attempting to settle a system for future use and making this an example.

But I’ll do it just the same!